Wireless Camera Detector + LCD Screen - Investigator Grade

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$ 399.99 

Wireless Camera Detector + LCD Screen - Investigator Grade - Overview

With this professional grade wireless bug detector - when you find a wireless hidden camera, you can actually see what the hidden camera is seeing.

Should you actually catch someone with a hidden camera in a place they shouldn't have put it - you'll more than pay for this camera hunter by taking them to court for spying on you.

Talk about owning the best gadget in town, this professional grade camera hunter is an incredible device. In fact, we use it in our labs to test our hidden cameras before we ship them to our customers.

It's a lot of fun and it takes all of the guess work and "false positive readings" completely out of the picture.

This is a private investigator's dream tool and it is now available to the open public!

It quickly scans all commonly used hidden camera frequencies in less than 5 seconds, picking up a video transmission and locking in on the image.

It can even view sources from up to 500ft away (depending on transmitting signal power). The user can see exactly what the hidden camera is seeing, making it easier to detect hidden video.

Do you have a nosy neighbor? This pro bug detector can let you know if they have a wireless hidden camera pointed in your direction. - No more guessing! The monitor display is 2.5” color TFT screen that displays both the video image and exact frequency of the transmission.

Specifications and Features: Wireless Camera Detector + LCD Screen - Investigator Grade

Specifications and Features:

  • Scan all common hidden camera frequencies in just seconds
  • View wireless sources up to 200ft away
  • 2.5" high resolution color monitor lets you see what the spy camera is seeing!
  • Antenna 1 - Detects 900MHZ - 3.0GHz  and  Antenna 2 Detects - 5.0GHz - 6.0GHz
  • 3 Detection Modes: Manual, Auto, Lock
  • Detects Wireless Video and Audio and has AV Output and Headphone Jack
  • Rechargeable Battery w/ AC power supply - Battery life 2 hours
  • Alerts - Beep & Vibrate
Your purchase Includes:
  • Camera Hunter
  • AV Output Cable
  • 5V Power Supply
  • 2 Antennas
  • Product Manual


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