Wholesale OC Pepper Spray - 12 Covert Pens

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$ 68.99 


Wholesale OC Pepper Spray - 12 Covert Pens

Click here to see the original stand alone > Pepper Shot Pepper Spray Covert Pens.

For this purchase, you get 12 - TWELVE of them (all Covert Pen models) plus the Custom Display Case.

If you're coming directly from our self-defense page (where all of our pepper sprays and stun guns are displayed) - then click here to see what our WHOLESALE OC Pepper Spray can do for you.

Features: • Quick Key Release Key Chain • Contains 6-10 one-second bursts • Range of 6-8 ft. 


Why or where to carry Pepper Shot Pepper Spray?

  • your purse, pocket, backpack, briefcase
  • your car, glove compartment
  • your house, by the front door, your nightstand
  • dark parking lots, on road trips, for roadside emergencies
  • personal protection, on dates, in dorm rooms, apartments, self-defense


Sorry, no Pepper Spray orders to New York, Massachusetts or outside of the USA.

Important Sales Note: Purchasing pepper spray is your responsibility - we urge you to click on this link and read this page before buying.


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