Invisible UV Ink Pen + UV Light

Spy-Tronix Spy Shop

$ 4.99 

UV Invisible Ink Pen + Light - Basic Overview: This highly useful invisible ink pen also has a tiny but powerful LED bulb to produce UV light, revealing the UV security ink.

Mark Your Valuables: Use the UV Marker Pen to invisibly mark your expensive gadgets (mobile phone, PDA, MP3 player, laptop) and your household items (television, stereo). If they are stolen or misplaced, you can easily identify them and the police will be able to trace them and contact you.

  • Mark your children's mobile devices, game consoles, video game CDs, bikes, skateboards, backpacks or other school gear.
  • Mark your desk items at work or in your office or cubicle.
  • Ultraviolet light is used in a number of different scenarios to prevent, deter and detect crime.
  • Great For Retail or Loss Prevention: Recommended by Police Crime Prevention Officers

“By marking your property you are more likely to deter criminals and prevent theft. Even if your valuables are stolen - they can easily be identified by proving that you secretly marked it before the theft took place."

Great For Kids To Use As A Secret Marking Pen: It works great on paper products - so your children can write secret messages that can only be decoded by using the UV light at the end of the pen.

Give Them As Gifts To Friends Or Employees: Everyone has something valuable to mark or a reason to prevent theft.

Identify Money: Is that $20 dollar bill for real? Check and see - the UV light will reveal a vertical line on the bill itself.

* Important Sales Note: When handled with oily hands, the UV Ink can be easily rubbed off of "slick, smooth or shiny" surfaces. We always recommend marking your valuables in a spot that is not routinely touched by the user. Pen works best on "porus" surfaces, materials, and objects.

Example: If marking your cell phone...Mark it inside of the battery compartment. Or if marking your computer - mark it inside of the tower cover or somewhere on the back panel.

> Not to be used on skin or the body for any reason and it may stain clothing. Always test a small portion of the material or object before writing on it in an excessive manner.