Taser X2 Defender Kit - Ultimate Self-Defense

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$ 1,399.99 


Taser X2 Defender Kit Black with Laser, LED, 4 live Cartridges, PPW ,Target.

Designed by law enforcement the two-shot TASER X2 incorporates law enforcements most requested capabilities. The Taser X2 is a great home defense piece of equipment that's feature rich, simple to use and similar in size to the TASER X26C.

Its high performance dual LASERs improve accuracy and help take the guesswork out of aiming and have a performance power magazine that will last up to 500 firings.

It has a weatherproof design to better resist rain and humidity and features self-diagnostics which tells you if the device is healthy or has a problem.

The X2’s back up shot capability for multiple targets or miss recovery with has been a leading edge in the X2 technology. Its warning arc while loaded prevents conflict from escalating. 

The Taser X2 Defender keeps you safe at a 15 foot distance unlike other personal protection devices which require you to be close to the target. It is easy to use and has been designed to withstand rugged use and features a quick action safety and trigger mechanism.

* Important Sales Note: Tasers® cannot be shipped to: New York, Massachusetts, Illinois, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Wisconsin, Michigan, Hawaii, or the city of Philadelphia, PA. TASER® and TASER C2® are registered trademarks of TASER International, Inc.

The buyer is responsible for researching and knowing the applicable state and local laws prior to purchasing, possessing, transporting or using a TASER.

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Here's a great video (below) of live and safe Taser training. NOTE: There are a few choice words of profanity as some of the officers are being hit, so please do not watch if the bad language will offend you - or you can simply turn down your computer volume so that you cannot hear the audio.


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