Tactical End-Cap for Telescopic Steel Batons

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$ 8.99 


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This is a simple, yet - "straight to the point" - pointed end-cap for any of our three sizes of Telescopic Steel Batons.

It can be used as a "glass breaker" for inside of your car, truck, RV, etc.  It will quickly shatter a car window in the event of an emergency and then you can clear away the broken glass with the normal end of the baton.

  • Or it can be used as a tactical attachment which turns your baton into a powerful and painful striking object at both ends.
  • It easily and quickly screws onto the non-baton end of all three sizes of our tactical batons (16, 21 or 26 inch batons).

Sales Note: Some of the pictures on this page show the entire baton with the end-cap. Only the screw-in pointed tactical end-cap is available on this page.


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Great and powerful protection for:

  • Walking, jogging, running, biking
  • Traveling, Roadside emergencies, changing flat tires
  • Keeping in your car, your trunk, your glove compartment
  • Your backpack, purse, or briefcase
  • Hunting, fishing, camping, hiking
  • Dark parking lots, rough parts of town, subways, taxi cabs
  • ...Or anywhere you may need instant and powerful self-defense