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The ultimate PC Internet Monitoring solution for social websites!

Built and specifically to track online activity on websites such as Facebook and other social network websites - even dating websites!

Note: Only works with PCs with Windows Operating Systems.

young boy surfing on laptop - social website tracking software

• Installs quickly covertly into your PC in just minutes
• Records all keystrokes and screenshots of your children or employees computers
Monitor up to 10 computers and have the data secretly emailed back to you
• Tracks ALL popular Social Networking sites
• Add more websites to the list and Social Tracker will monitor those as well

What are they doing on social media sites like Facebook, MySpace and more? The GRIP Social Tracker records and secretly emails you screenshots and keystroke logs so you can safeguard your family or business.

• Social Network and specific website monitoring
• Track use of Facebook, MySpace and other popular sites that you choose
• Track specific social websites you know your children or employees use
• Take screenshots and logs keystrokes
• Save time tracking social media usage
• Covert application is completely hidden on your PC
Remotely & discreetly sends all data to an email of your choice, review footage discreetly
Prevents cyber-bullying
• For use by parents and business owners

young boy surfing on laptop - social website tracking software

Keep your family safe with the GRIP Social Tracker: Social Tracker is like having a digital diary of your children's every day lives. Social Tracker activates and records all screen activity once a browser is pointed at websites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Bebo, or any other site you wish to monitor.

Works With Any Website: You can choose to have Social Tracker track any number of websites from a "Hit List" that you create or you can turn it on to track all websites. As long as the website is in the active window, Social Tracker will capture all keystrokes and take screen captures so you can see exactly what's going on.

Easy To Use: Social Tracker starts monitoring when specific sites are visited...

• Plug the GRIP Social Tracker into your computer
• Install the Social Tracker software
• Configure sites to be monitored - a list of the most popular social sites is included
• Enter your email address so the tracker can secretly send you data it captures
• Start tracking and quit guessing!

young boy surfing on laptop - social website tracking software