HD Smoke Detector (IR) Xtreme Life Spy Camera DVR

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Smoke Detector (IR) Xtreme Life Spy Camera - DVR

There are a lot of options and recording applications for using these new Xtreme Life hidden Smoke Detector Night Vision cameras.

Take your indoor security to all new levels this year! These cameras are great for all inside - home or office scenarios - or where ever you need the best that High Definition (HD) video security can buy.

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>> This Xtreme Life Camera boasts 90 days of standby time and 16 hours of actual recording time on a fully charged battery!

These Smoke Detector cameras are equipped with Night Vision (IR - Infrared) and can see in complete darkness!

>> When ordering above - choose from DOWN VIEW or SIDE VIEW models.

  • DOWN VIEW: Looks down on cash registers, warehouses, lobbies, waiting areas, bedrooms, high theft areas, etc.
  • SIDE VIEW: Looks across the room or down hallways or passage ways
  • NOTE: There is no difference in the design of the two smoke detectors - only the internal camera mounting.
  • NOTE 2: These are non-functioning smoke detectors - not to be used for "fire safety."


A little creativity can go a long way with our Smoke Detector Night Vision Xtreme Life cameras.

No cables, no cords and very easy to hide. Blends in great with many different indoor environments - choose the Xtreme Life camera that's just right for you and your security or surveillance needs.

  • Keep an eye on maintenance workers when they're in the house
  • Who's been getting into your change drawer?
  • Who's stopping by your house when you're not there?
  • What are the kids doing after they get home from school?
  • Who's getting into your desk at work when you go to lunch?
  • Get a bird's eye view over your cash register or hot spots for theft.
  • Get a downward view over your office space - see who's getting into your things. (DOWN View model)
  • Get a clear look down long hallways, entry ways, or exits. (SIDE View model)
  • Which employee is stealing your inventory?
  • What time did your kid's get home from school and who did they invite into the house?
  • Great for monitoring your babysitter, elderly care, or seeing which pet is jumping on the counter when you're away.
  • Great for home, office, warehouse, retail, loss prevention, employee theft, catching shoplifters, etc.
  • ....and many more video recording applications!

Dimensions: 6 L X 6 W X 2.5 H

Weight: 0lb 11oz  


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