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Zone Shield Infrared Night Vision Smoke Detector Hidden Camera

You'll love the high quality of our new Zone Shield® hidden Smoke Detector camera. It's a top of the line, all-in-one, do-it-yourself surveillance camera system. This camera is great for all inside - home or office scenarios - or where ever you need professional grade surveillance.

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Choose the right Smoke Detector camera for you.

>> Be sure to choose from the normal and night vision (Infrared) models using the drop-down box above. There is no outer appearance or design difference between the two clock radio models, but the night vision model can record in full darkness.

>> When ordering above - choose from DOWN VIEW or SIDE VIEW models.

  • DOWN VIEW: Looks down on cash registers, warehouses, lobbies, waiting areas, bedrooms, high theft areas, etc.
  • SIDE VIEW: Looks across the room or down hallways or passage ways
  • NOTE: There is no difference in the design of the two smoke detectors - only the internal camera mounting.
  • NOTE 2: These are non-functioning smoke detectors - not to be used for "fire safety."


Creative and Covert Security and Surveillance

A little creativity can go a long way with this Smoke Detector Zone Shield® hidden camera. You can put it in plain sight or view because it looks just like a normal clock radio. It blends in great with many different indoor environments - choose the Zone Shield camera that's just right for you and your security or surveillance needs.

  • Keep an eye on maintenance workers when they're in the house
  • Who's been getting into your change drawer?
  • Who's stopping by your house when you're not there?
  • What are the kids doing after they get home from school?
  • Who's getting into your desk at work when you go to lunch?
  • Which employee is stealing your inventory?
  • What time did your kid's get home from school and who did they invite into the house?
  • Great for monitoring your babysitter, elderly care, or seeing which pet is jumping on the counter when you're away.
  • Great for home, office, warehouse, retail, loss prevention, employee theft, catching shoplifters, etc.
  • ....and many more video recording applications!

Dimensions: 7 L X 4.875 W X 2.75 H

Weight: 0lb 12oz


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