Rechargeable Phone - Voice Recorder - Bodyworn - Covert

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Rechargeable Phone - Voice Recorder - Bodyworn - Covert

Easy Voice Activated Telephone Recording - Fast Set Up: Simply take this rechargeable telephone recorder out of the box, connect it to your phone line, select Voice Activated Recording from the MENU, press the RECORD button - and then walk away! When you get a phone call, or it hears the dial tone, anywhere on your home's telephone line system, it will begin recording and then it will go into a pause mode after it does not hear a voice or sound on the phone line. The next time the phone rings it will start recording again without you doing a thing! It easily plugs into any vacant modular phone line jack, or it can share a phone line jack with an existing phone.

No annoying clicks or sounds during your phone call or phone conversation. This rechargeable phone recorder and voice recorder captures both sides of a telephone conversation for incoming and outgoing calls from your home or office standard analog corded or cordless phone lines that share the same phone number.

Phone Compatibility: As long as the cable stops outside your home, and all of your telephones and phone wall jacks use a standard analog phone cord - then you should have no problems at all. It will not work with Cable Modems directly connected to a computer or an Internet phone (VOIP). This phone recorder works excellent on all standard corded or cordless single line telephones. * It does not record multiple phone line digital office phones, or cellular phones - unless you purchase our optional cell phone mic above.

Voice Recording

This easy to use voice recorder and phone recorder is extremely small and it boasts excellent sound and audio quality! It will pick up most audible sounds in a room, car, office, or anywhere you want to be able to hear what's going on. The easy to use Voice Activated Mode will only begin recording when a sound is heard, and it will stop recording after a few seconds where no sounds are present.

Save your recorded messages to your PC in a file, or send them as an attachment with your email. It is completely digital with a built-in flash memory; no cassette tape is necessary. It has a built-in speaker for immediate playback - or you can playback through your computer after downloading your messages. Never accidentally record over old messages again! * For best results, listen to all recordings with the included ear phones.

Body Worn or Covert Recording: This phone and voice recorder has a 3.5mm MIC jack, which means that it will work with our "External Microphone" accessory that allows you to completely hide the recorder - then route the thin 46 inch cable with a dime-sized microphone to where you can pick up sounds the best. Yes, you can completely hide the recorder in your clothing, purse, backpack, etc. - and then only expose the tiny microphone head without losing any sound quality. Great for up close conversations and all on-the-go recording applications.

Rechargeable Phone - Voice Recorder - Bodyworn - Covert - Extras

Other than being a full blown mp3 player, it arrives at your doorstep loaded with accessories, and battery included. No drivers are needed for it to work with your Windows or MAC PC. It stores 4GB or 8GBs (minus the space reserved for firmware) of your PC files such as .jpg, .ppt, .doc, .wav, etc... YES, this mini listening device works just like a USB Memory Stick!

Whether for business, school, professional and legal eavesdropping by full time Private Investigators or Law Enforcement - this mini recorder is sure to get the job done!

It makes a great gift too! No one will suspect that this digital recorder lets you record all incoming or outgoing calls from your home or office phone. * We recommend that the buyer has a moderate knowledge in the use of mini electronic gadgets and digital devices.

Rechargeable Phone - Voice Recorder - Bodyworn - Covert - Features - Specs

  • Play mp3 music, store computer files, record land-line phones, record cell phones (optional cell mic sold above), or record covertly.
  • Impressive stereo sound clarity and a sleek (compact) design.
  • Quality USB Mass Storage Device with brilliant green back light for easy MENU reading and large display.
  • Time/Date stamp feature available for each file (Great for evidence!)
  • Stores up to 297 messages, has 3 sound quality modes: LP (.ACT format), SP (.WAV format), HP (MP3 format)
  • Defaults to SP for Voice Activated Mode / Built-In speaker (listen - without connecting to your PC - immediate playback)
  • Easy USB Interfaced: Quickly download your phone recording or voice recording messages to your PC
  • Supported PC Systems: - Windows 98 or higher / MAC 10.0 or higher / LINUX 2.4 or higher
  • Rechargeable Battery Life: (8-10) hours playback and record time with a 2-3 hour charge (Low battery indicator on display)
  • Batteries not needed. Save money immediately! Charge it from your USB port or with our optional USB power adapter higher on this page.
  • Dimensions: (L x W x D) (3.6 inches x 1.1 inches x 0.5 inch) / Weight: Less than 2 ounces!
  • Your purchase includes: Telephone Adapter with short phone cord, Stereo Earphones, USB Cable, Line In/Out Cable, User's Manual

Rechargeable Phone - Voice Recorder - Bodyworn - Covert - Optional Accessories

Use our optional USB wall charger (power adapter) and quickly charge your Digital Voice Recorder on-the-go.

Use our optional "Lapel Pin - Covert Microphone" for bodyworn surveillance recording. Use our optional "Phone and Cell Phone recording microphone" for recording phones of all kinds. These items are not included with this purchase - but they are sold separately at the links above.

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