Phone Recording Microphone

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Overview - Operation

External Microphone Overview: This is one of our customers favorite voice recording accessories. It really helps extend the power of the voice recorder you already own - or you can purchase it as an ever important accessory to on of our three voice recorders linked to above. The only thing you need (if you use it with your voice recorder) is to make sure that your voice recorder has a 3.5mm standard MIC IN jack.

How it works: Plug the 3.5mm jack into your MIC IN jack on your voice recorder. Route place the ear bud microphone into your ear and fasten the other microphone onto your clothing near your chest.

Then make your phone call with ANY KIND OF PHONE, cell phone, cordless phone, iPhone, Smartphone, home phone, office phone, etc......and place the receiver over the same ear where you placed the ear bud microphone. It's just that simple and takes about 10 seconds to do!

Benefits - Features

Benefits and Applications: The ear bud microphone will record anything the caller says as the sound passes freely to your ear. Meanwhile, the other microphone fastened to your clothing will catch and record every word you say or words said by others if they are in your close vicinity (such as an office conference call). It also catches and records other sounds in your vicinity which is excellent for legal evidence or proof of harassment, issues at work, etc.

The 45" cable gives you a lot of flexibility between your ear - your microphone - and your voice recorder. You can also use it for basic hands free voice recording (covert - or Non-covert), while using Skype, VOIP, online video games, video conferencing, or simply while recording your personal notes when you don't want to hold the recorder in your hand.

Allows you to record calls from: iPhones, Smartphones, standard cell phones, cordless phones, pay phones, office phones and standard home phones. (you must be a part of the phone conversation)

Remember, this lets you record all of the types of phones listed above - without having to hardwire your voice recorder to the phone itself. It immediately pays for itself in convenience of having on the go call recording at your fingertips!

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