Personal Bug Detector - Pocket Bug Sweeper

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Basic Overview: Personal Bug Detector - Pocket Bug Sweeper

Mini Wireless Spy Device and Hidden Camera Finder: Fits in the palm of your hand, pocket, or purse! It finds wireless electronic audio and video devices with frequencies between 1MHz - 6.5GHz. This high-tech low costing bug detector quickly and accurately finds wireless spy cameras.

Use this compact high-tech gadget to find wireless phone bugs, hidden cameras, cell phones, and many more hidden wireless gadgets or hidden audio and video devices!

Easy Operation: Simply turn the power on and choose between the audio or vibration mode, and an easy to use bar scale will illuminate when the bug detector receives any wireless frequency. You can use the bug detector 4-increment light scale, audio alarm, vibration alarm, and adjustable sensitivity dial to get within a few feet of the wireless device.

Then, use our easy to understand instruction sheet to have a better idea of what the detector is telling you and what kinds of objects are used to hide wireless transmitters.

This bug detector comes complete with ear phones for covert use, and easy to use spy detector instructions for finding a multitude of wireless devices or sources. Requires 2 AAA batteries - not included.


What It Can Detect: Personal Bug Detector - Pocket Bug Sweeper

GET THE PRIVACY YOU DESERVE, AND SAVE SOME CASH. Don't pay a private investigator - save your hard earned money and do it yourself!

Don’t let this high-tech wireless device finder fool you; it's very easy to use. Spy camera detectors are also commonly called, radio frequency finders, RF finders, RF detectors, hidden camera finders, hidden spy camera detector, phone tap detector, or other similar terms.

It's not just for finding hidden wireless spy devices - it can be used to detect cell phone usage in places where they should not be used (hospitals, factories, and business meetings), wireless audio recorders, and Covert GPS Tracking devices.


About hidden or wireless spy devices and cameras

Wireless hidden spy devices can either be audio (voice recorder) or video (hidden spy camera); either way, this wireless bug detector is the inexpensive tool of choice for giving you the privacy you deserve!

A hidden wireless spy camera can be placed in your home, work, or car - your friend's home or automobile - a relative's home or automobile - your small business - a department store changing room or restroom - a hotel room on your next vacation or business trip - the locker room, spa, pool, or tanning bed or at your local gym - anywhere you have a right to personal privacy!

Our easy to use, and affordable, mini hand held spy camera finders give you the peace of mind and privacy that you deserve - anywhere you go!


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