Mace Pepper Spray Self-Defense Baton

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$ 37.99 


Mace Pepper Spray Baton - for Self-Defense - Personal Protection

The Pepper Mace™ Baton provides low profile, yet devastatingly effective aerosol pepper spray protection against attack.

When walking to or from your home, car or office, the Pepper Mace Baton conveniently carries your keys and places an effective means of personal safety in your hand.

When activated, a cone shaped cloud of pepper spray solution will be discharged approximately 5 feet from the unit.


Why or where to carry Mace Pepper Spray?

  • your purse, pocket, backpack, briefcase
  • your car, glove compartment
  • your house, by the front door, your nightstand
  • dark parking lots, on road trips, for roadside emergencies
  • personal protection, on dates, in dorm rooms, apartments, self-defense


Sorry, no Pepper Spray orders to New York, Massachusetts or outside of the USA.

Important Sales Note: Purchasing pepper spray is your responsibility - we urge you to click on this link and read this page before buying.


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