Mace Pepper Spray Guns - Long Distance + LED Light

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$ 69.99 


Mace Pepper Spray Guns for Long Distance Self-Defense

The Mace Pepper Gun is the most accurate non-lethal self defense Pepper Spray available.

Ideal for distance defense with the convenience and accuracy of a point-and-shoot handgun design, its advanced delivery system allows you to spray attackers with a powerful stream of OC pepper from up to 25 feet away and from any angle.

This Mace Pepper Spray Gun features high impact ABS construction in a popular outdoor camouflage pattern and includes an LED Light for accurate aiming at night or in low light conditions.

This Mace Pepper Gun with STROBE LED features a trigger activated DUAL MODE LED light that distracts your attacker and helps aim at your target in the dark.

Pull the trigger once to activate the steady LED flashlight feature. Pull the trigger a second time and the pulsating LED strobe light is engaged.

Pepper Guns are easy to reload with pre-filled replacement cartridges (sold separately). 

Each long distance pepper spray gun includes:

  • (1) Water Practice cartridge
  • (1) OC Pepper Spray cartridge
  • and a battery for the LED aiming light
  • Holster sold separately for this model.

    You can safely DEFEND YOURSELF from a long distance in a threatening situation with the effective power of Mace Maximum Strength Formula… 10% OC Pepper with invisible UV marking dye that can help police identify your attacker. Just spray and get away!


    Why or where to carry Mace Pepper Spray?

    • your purse, pocket, backpack, briefcase
    • your car, glove compartment
    • your house, by the front door, your nightstand
    • dark parking lots, on road trips, for roadside emergencies
    • personal protection, on dates, in dorm rooms, apartments, self-defense


    Sorry, no Pepper Spray orders to New York, Massachusetts or outside of the USA.

    Important Sales Note: Purchasing pepper spray is your responsibility - we urge you to click on this link and read this page before buying.


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