Laser Hidden Camera Detector - Investigator Grade

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$ 444.99 

Overview: Laser Hidden Camera Detector - Investigator Grade

Created for the high end Law Enforcement and professional countermeasures market, this Laser Bug Detector discovers hidden cameras by using a powerful infrared principle which reflects the cameras optic lens up to 60 feet away!

This professional grade unit has adjustable brightness with a built-in bar graph indicator, a low battery indicator and is housed in a durable metal case.

This Pro-Grade Laser Bug Detector can find all types of covert cameras no matter if they are powered ON or OFF making them easily detected by the user.

Designed especially for covert operations because it is so easy to hide. It is highly portable; put it in your pocket, purse, and use it anywhere you feel your privacy may be invaded.

Perfect for detecting wireless or wired hidden cameras in small and private places like:

  • hotel rooms, locker rooms, changing rooms, tanning beds
  • health spas, doctor or dentist offices
  • business meetings, apartment security, dorm rooms
  • ...and many more places where you deserve privacy!


Features - Specifications: Pen Bug Detector - Professional - Investigator Grade

Features and Specifications: Laser Hidden Camera Detector - Investigator Grade

  • Detection of all types of hidden video cameras not depending on their working state
  • IR filter for rejection of natural reflections
  • Adjustable brightness with bargraph
  • Powered by 2 AAA batteries (included with purchase)
  • Low battery indicator
  • Durable metal case (made for law enforcement or investigations on the go)
  • Detection distance up to 60 feet away

All "false" detections are virtually eliminated: Locates ALL kinds of cameras, including ultra mini pinhole and cameras hidden inside objects such as clock radios, smoke detectors, hidden plant cameras, book cameras, or mini spy cameras, etc.

A "must have" tool for police, private investigators, security professionals, or virtually anyone that wants privacy assurance.

Quality made and built to last: It feels good in your hand and easily fits in your pocket, purse, or briefcase. No special training required.

This camera detector will find more hidden cameras with less false results and greater accuracy than any other laser bug detector on the market today.

Your Purchase Includes

> Save money on hiring a private detective: Search for hidden cameras yourself using the same high-grade detector that investigators use!

We know it's true, because investigators shop at Gadgets and Beyond daily and they have done so for years on end.

> Investigators and law enforcement agencies shop with us: That speaks "trust and quality" louder than other words can say.


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