HD Landscape Rock - Hidden Security Camera

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Landscape Rock - Hidden Security Camera

Ahhh.... So many options for using this new Xtreme Life hidden Landscape Rock camera. Take your security into the back yard, your front yard, in front of your business, your vacation cottage or where ever you need the best that High Definition (HD) video security can buy.

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>> This Xtreme Life Camera boasts 90 days of standby time and 16 hours of actual recording time on a fully charged battery!


Easy to use and hide in plain sight!

A little creativity can go a long way with this Landscape Rock Xtreme Life camera. No cables, no cords and very easy to hide. Blends in great with many different environments - choose the Xtreme Life camera that's just right for you and your security or surveillance needs.

  • Keep an eye on that nosy neighbor
  • Who's been getting in your side gate while you're not there?
  • Who's stopping by your house when you're not there?
  • Who's dog is - well - you know....going #2 on your front lawn?
  • Who's getting into your mail box?
  • Which employee is putting your inventory in their trunk at the end of the day?
  • What time did your kid's get home from school and who did they invite into the house?
  • Did the UPS delivery guy really leave the package on your doorstep?
  • ....and many more video recording applications!

Dimensions: 9.75 L X 7 W X 8.25 H


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