Hidden Ink Pen Spy Camera - Covert DVR

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$ 84.99 

Hidden Ink Pen Spy Camera - DVR - Overview - Operation

Our Ink Pen Cameras take still images as well as color video with audio. Simply flip a hidden switch on the cameras to change between modes.

These functional Ink Pen writing tools also have 4 or 8GBs of built-in flash memory storage to carry all of your favorite computer files to and from your home or office.

You can even upload your videos to YouTube or to your Facebook page because they're already correctly formatted and ready to go.

Ink Camera Operation: Very easy to use your ink pen camera: Slide the switch by the USB connector to take photos or video. (Blue = the hidden ink pen camera is recording / Yellow = the hidden camera is on standby and your recorded file has just been saved.)

Recorded Video: The screen resolution is 640 x 480 and our ink pen cameras are capable of marking your recordings with a time and date stamp - great for evidence. With low background noise, these hidden cameras can record sound from 10 to 15 feet away.

Simply clip it on your collar, your pocket, your duffel bag, etc...and you're ready to record on the go! The videos will play on your Windows Media Player (WMP) if it has all required "codecs" but we suggest using the free player at www.videolan.org.

Hidden Ink Pen Spy Camera - DVR - Features

Extras: Carry 4GB or 8GBs of your most important files with you. These ink pen cameras have a built-in USB plug that connects directly to your PC. All of your recordings can be saved to your computer, filed as you like, and even burned to a CD or external hard drive.

You can also store common PC files: Word, Excel, images, music files, etc. You will always have your work and a portable digital video recorder (DVR) with you. Our ink pen cameras are a quality made Classic Ink Pen. Each ink pen camera has an attractive metal casing (choose from Gold or Silver above) and they feel good in your hand!

These High-Tech Gadgets are perfect for personal and professional use, or when you need the perfect gift for that special person in your life! Private investigators, and law enforcement agencies use pen cameras on a daily basis.


Hidden Ink Pen Spy Camera - DVR - Specs - Benefits

  • Camera Battery Life: These covert pen cameras will record until the internal battery loses power or until you turn them OFF.
  • A full 1-2 hour charge of our hidden ink pen cameras will allow for up to 1-2 hours of recording time.
  • Charge them directly from your computer's USB port or purchase our optional USB power adapter above.
  • Supported Operating Systems: Windows 98 or higher, MAC 8.6 OS or higher / Linux
  • Each purchase includes your color choice of camera, USB cable, and easy to use instructions.
  • Gain hard evidence! It's hard to dispute video and audio when you're caught red-handed.
  • Catch shoplifters or employee theft cold in their tracks.
  • Always be ready for candid video with friends, family, pets, road-rage, crime, iReports, etc.
  • See who's getting into your change drawer at home, who the kids are inviting over, or keep and eye on maintenance workers.
  • See who's going through your files at work or hear what's being said behind your back.
  • Stop harassment and equal opportunity issues and incidents on the job or at work
  • Easy to carry without lugging around a full-sized camera all of the time. Small, compact and easy to hide.
  • Put it in your pocket and know that it's always there when you need it.
Surely, there's been more than a few occasions where you've wished you had a camera close by but didn't have one. Get the peace of mind you deserve and never miss important events or conversations again!


    Optional Charger

    Use our optional USB wall charger (power adapter) and quickly charge your Mini Camera on-the-go.

    It is not included with this purchase - but it is sold separately at the link above.

    It allows you to easily charge your USB devices without having to use your computer's USB port. You'll be sure to have a fully charged device where ever you go throughout your busy day.


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