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Eagle Eye Spy PC Software - Monitoring

Monitor All Activity On Your Computer & Watch Real-Time Playback

• Secretly records keystrokes, websites, Facebook, and more on up to 25 PCs
• Takes screenshots of user activity on up to 25 computers
Secretly sends activity to you via email, so you never have to return to the PC
• Just plug in the USB drive to install

NOTE: We ship the software to you on an 8GB SanDisk Cruzer Flash Drive.San Disk has nothing to do with this software - but we love this software stick because it has a built-in "secret vault" where you can store your private documents.

> > > Click to see how the SanDisk Cruzer's Password Vault operates.

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• Works on up to 25 computers at a time!

Note: Only works with PCs with Windows Operating Systems.

young boy surfing on laptop - social website tracking software
Eagle Eye Saves The Following Computer Activity:

• All keystrokes
• Emails and chats
• Usernames and passwords
• Websites visited
• Facebook and Twitter activity
• Applications being used

Great For:

• Monitoring children for safe internet use
• Monitoring employee - office computers
• Gathering evidence for legal cases or private investigations

Includes:  One - Easy to use Eagle Eye PC Monitoring Software stick

young boy surfing on laptop - social website tracking software

If you need to know what your children or employees are doing on your computer, Eagle Eye can help. This monitoring software runs invisibly on the computer and takes only moments to install.

When installed, it will record the majority of all activity happening on the computer and send email logs directly to your phone or computer so you can see exactly what's happening. It's like looking over the shoulder of the person using your computer!

• Eagle Eye also lets you view screenshots and play back user activity as a movie so you can actually view usage as it happened.

• Eagle Eye has a user friendly interface so even the most basic computer user can understand how it works. The software keeps track of activity for all accounts setup on up to 25 computers at a time.

Operating Sytem Requirements: Windows 98 or higher (not MAC compatible)

Important Sales Note: This is a time tested functional software and it cannot be returned once the packaging seal is broken or the product has been used in any way.