Credit Card Size Bug Detector - Bodyworn Bug Sweeper

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$ 249.99 

Overview: Credit Card Size Bug Detector - Bodyworn Bug Sweeper

This all purpose credit card size bug detector is the ultimate in covert detection devices. Its slim credit card style designs is packed with professional features. Created for continuous protection, body worn application. This unit has 4 different detect modes.

  • "Search" is a silent mode.
  • "Sound" will produce sound when transmission is detected.
  • "Vibro" will vibrate when a frequency is detected.
  • "Sleep" the unit will wake up every 3 seconds to check the environment.

If there is an increased level of transmission an alarm will sound and the unit will stay active as long as the transmission is present.

The "zero feature" is when you are "zeroing" in on a device press the zero button and the display will clear out and only show when the signal become stronger.

Features: Credit Card Size Bug Detector - Bodyworn Bug Sweeper

  • Designed to detect all kinds of active radio frequency transmitting devices including digital signals:
  • Operation driven by an internal micro-controller
  • Card-style durable body. Does not attract people's attention when used or transported.
  • Working frequency range 50MHz - 3GHz with a pulse indicator for recognizing digital transmitters including GSM and RF
  • 4 working modes: Normal, Sound, Vibro and Sleep
  • Convenient, compact, and highly portable design (about the size of a credit card)
  • 8-segment bar graph indicator for precise measuring of the radio field level and location of a bugging device
  • Integrated antenna and low battery indicator (CR2430 lithium battery)
  • Calibrated sensitivity for rejection of background fields (minimizes "false positives")
Specifications: Credit Card Size Bug Detector - Bodyworn Bug Sweeper
  • Detects both RF and GSM signals in four different modes of operation (Frequency range 50MHz - 3GHz)
  • Unit Size 3.25" x 2" x .25" (about credit card or business card size)
  • Power source: 3V, CR2430 battery
  • Low battery indicator
  • Pulse mode for GSM signals


Your Credit Card Size Bug Detector purchase includes:

  • User's Manual
  • cleaning cloth
  • (2) CR2430 batteries
  • all purpose mini credit card size bug detector

Download the All Purpose Mini Bug Detector User's Manual.

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