Covert - Lapel Microphone

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$ 7.99 

Overview - Benefits

This is one of our customers' favorite voice recording accessories. It really helps extend the power of the voice recorder you already own - or you can purchase it as an ever important accessory to on of our three voice recorders linked to above. The only thing you need (if you use it with your voice recorder) is to make sure that your voice recorder has a 3.5mm standard MIC IN jack.

Benefits and Applications: Plug it into your existing voice recorder or use it as an accessory to one of our voice recorders above.

With Foam Wind Shield ON: The foam shield filters out high frequency sounds (usually background noises) and allows you to capture VOICE SOUNDS better. Use the foam wind shield in outside recording environments or when inside and you have a lot of background noises. - Great for busy offices, classes or meetings when you really only want to capture voices.

With Foam Wind Shield OFF: Carefully pull off the foam wind shield and it turns into a full blown James Bond bodyworn microphone. The 46 inch thin black cable connects to your voice recorder on one side, and then allows you to route the tiny dime-sized mini microphone to where ever you need to pick up sound.

Hide your voice recorder in your pocket and use this as a mini microphone as a "body-wired" covert microphone - just like you see in movies and it's perfect for all of our private investigator or law enforcement agency customers!

Features and Uses

This External Microphone allows you to completely HIDE your voice recorder out of sight (in a backpack, your jacket pocket, a pants pocket, your underwear, a briefcase, a purse, in your car, etc.) - and then route the tiny microphone to where you need to pick up sound the best.

It only records in MONO - so if you have a Stereo Voice Recorder - you should record in a normal MONO setting while using it.

You can also use it for basic hands free voice recording (covert - or Non-covert), while using Skype, VOIP, online video games, video conferences, or simply while recording your personal notes when you don't want to hold the recorder in your hand.

Features: Small, compact design allows you to easily clip it to your shirt, tie or pocket. Chat in comfort while using Skype, VOIP, gaming, video conferencing, or while recording your notes. Connects to standard voice recorders with 3.5mm MIC IN jacks, Computers and Laptops with 3.5mm microphone jacks, cable length is approximately 46 inches. Color: Black

Caution - After Sales Note: The end of the internal mini microphone has small "plastic barbs" on it (see last image above) that make sure the foam wind shield does not fall off. If you are going to use the microphone without the wind shield on it, then please very carefully pull the foam wind shield off while maintaining a firm grip on the base of the mini microphone. Otherwise, the cap of the mini microphone can be pulled off. Don't worry, the mini microphone internal cap is designed to "un-screw" and then "screw back on" if it should accidentally unscrew.

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