Bug Detector - Bug Sweeper - LED Scale - Investigator Grade

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$ 199.99 


Bug Detector - Bug Sweeper - LED Scale - Investigator Grade

This is a handheld analog detection device. It's designed to detect unwanted surveillance threats such as hidden video and audio devices up to 6 GHz.

We especially like it because it is easy enough to use for a novice or beginner in bug detecting - but it is powerful and accurate enough to use for a private investigator.

Yes, the integrated LED Bar Scale makes this powerful bug detector and sweeper very easy to use and to operate.

The LED Bar Scale takes away the guessing and quickly allows you to narrow down your search for hidden wireless cameras - wireless audio recorders - cell phones - Smartphones - and even GPS Tracking devices.


Silent Bug Detection - Bug Sweeping and Compact Handheld Size

  • Internal NiCD battery pack
  • Detects analog signals
  • Vibration motor and earphone for private detection
  • 5 section bar graph to show relative RF signal strength
  • Low power consumption
  • 1 MHz - 6 GHz Frequency range
  • Sensitivity adjustment
  • 9V DC 300mA power
  • Dimensions: 4 L X 3 W X 1.5 H
  • Weight: 1lb 3oz


Why Use A Bug Detector:

If you travel often, use hotels, changing rooms, gym locker rooms, tanning beds, doctor's offices, health spas, or salons of any kind....you need a bug detector! Easy to use - low everyday prices - protect your privacy now!


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