Bluetooth Cell Phone Recorder - Pro-Grade Digital Voice Recorder

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$ 99.99 

Bluetooth Cell Phone Recorder - Pro-Grade Digital Voice Recorder - Best Selling Recorder

Very simply put, this is one of the highest grade telephone, cell phone, body worn, and voice activated digital recorders on the market today. It does anything that our other voice recorders can do and it also allows you hands free use of your cell phone calls (yes - it pairs with your cell phone via Bluetooth) and you can record your cell phone calls at the touch of a button.

Actually, we're really being modest because no other major brands of digital recorders have produced a Bluetooth Cell Phone Recorder - yet! So take advantage of our low introductory price and enjoy hands free cell phone recording (on calls that you are a part of) at the lowest price anywhere.

This digital voice recorder and Bluetooth cell phone call recorder has everything you need in one sleek and stylish brushed-metal housing. The first feature that makes this device stand out from any other on the market is the Bluetooth recording for cell phones.

No matter if you have an iPhone, Blackberry, or even an Android phone, this device wirelessly records all of your calls! The recorder is pairs with your cell phone in less than 30 seconds, and it works just like a common Bluetooth headset, with the major benefit of recording your entire conversation.

>> Works with our covert External Microphone Accessory (see accessories in tab above)

Rich Features - Bluetooth Cell Phone Recorder - Pro-Grade Digital Voice Recorder

  • Bluetooth Connectivity: Connects directly to any Bluetooth capable cell phone, iPhone, Blackberry, and Android.
  • Long Life Battery Power: Internal Rechargeable battery lasts for up to 14 hours on a single charge.
  • Voice Activated Recording: Never miss conversations again - avoid dead-space during playback.
  • Adjustable Sound Quality Control: Gives you the exact sound quality you need for any situation.
  • Works as MP3 Player: Listen to your favorite music through the embedded speaker or with included headphones.
  • Password Protection: Set your own password to keep other people from downloading your sensitive files.
  • Works with our External Microphone Accessory (see tab above)


Even More - Bluetooth Cell Phone Recorder - Pro-Grade Digital Voice Recorder

  • Again, the images show that it is a beautiful and modern design. No one else sells an affordable Bluetooth enabled cell phone recorder!
  • The voice recording quality is the highest we've ever seen, but although it has a built-in sure to use the included headphones to get the best sound quality possible.
  • This Bluetooth Voice Recorder's Main Menu is easy to navigate, loads of settings for you to customize the way it works and records for you.
  • In summary: Again, it does everything our other voice recorders can do and more! We've been selling digital voice recorders for over 15 years and we've never seen anything like this Bluetooth recorder before. In fact, when you feel it in your just "feels like a high quality" piece of equipment.

Whether you're a business professional, a busy Mom that's on the go and needs hand's free Bluetooth cell phone recording, someone that needs to record their child's phone calls, or a private investigator that needs the best that covert body worn recording can give - this is the recorder for you!


Optional Accessories for Bluetooth Cell Phone Recorder - Pro-Grade Digital Voice Recorder

Use our optional USB wall charger (power adapter) and quickly charge your Digital Voice Recorder on-the-go.

Use our optional "Lapel Pin - Covert Microphone" for bodyworn surveillance recording.

Use our optional "Phone and Cell Phone recording microphone" for recording phones of all kinds.

These items are not included with this purchase - but they are sold separately at the links above.


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