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Over 87% of our first time Las Vegas Nevada customers become repeat customers!

Spy-Tronix has been selling high-tech gadgets and security equipment online for nearly two full decades. In fact, we were an online store before Google was a well-known search engine.

>> You should also know that when Google first started advertising products on their search engine, they personally contacted us and asked us if we would be so kind as to advertise our products with them. They said that they were thoroughly impressed and the wide variety of security gadgets we had to offer.

Times Have Changed Since 1998: Back in the day, many of our security equipment gadgets and spy devices were only available to law enforcement agencies, government agencies and licensed private investigators - but now our gear is readily available to the open public. We've come a long way with our online business and we've remained a top contender in the online security gadget industry. Las Vegas Nevada Spy Shop.

we sell to government agencies, attorneys, investigators, private detectives, law enforcement agencies

Spy-Tronix builds trust and lifelong customers in Las Vegas Nevada!

Each month, we have thousands of concerned parents, business owners, law enforcement agencies, government agencies, district attorney offices, circuit judges, major corporations and other types of businesses that shop at Spy-Tronix. Many of these people need answers to very important aspects of their life or business dealings and they know they can get the best gear fort the best price at Spy-Tronix!

Is This Your First Time Here?: If you've never shopped with us before - then we welcome you, your friends and your loved ones to browse our easy to navigate and informative site. You'll like the convenient and flowing method in which we link our products together by category, style and function.

You'll also like our low prices and if you've shopped around at all on the internet - you'll see right away that no one beats our low everyday prices, free shipping specials and valuable coupons - discounts and sales.

We do our best to alert you to potential harm, violence, or loss of your personal privacy as they go about your busy day.

Spy Shop Las Vegas Nevada Private Investigators and Professional Detectives Shop With Us

It's true! ....Private investigators, detectives, government agencies and law enforcement agencies shop at Spy-Tronix - and they have for years on end.

We've been selling our high tech spy shop Las Vegas Nevada security equipment to private investigators for two decades and online since the year 2000. Over the years we've built a strong bond of trust between us and some of the top private investigative companies in America.

We've also sold to government fraud investigation agencies - such as insurance fraud or disability fraud detectives at the state and federal levels.

As you could imagine, private investigators can't afford to play around with their surveillance equipment.They may only get one chance to get the data, proof or evidence that they need. So that means a lot to us that they would trust Spy-Tronix to get their job done right the first time.

So as you can see, we take pride in the fact that these hard working and creative investigators and detectives have been shopping with us for years. Now, however, nearly all of this same equipment is available to moms, dads, homeowners, business owners and those that want to make sure their home - business - or loved ones are safe.

Go ahead, be your own James Bond and load up your cart with the best spy, security and surveillance gear on the market today.

private investigators - detectives - law enforcement shop at Spy-Tronix

Our Security Products Make Excellent Gifts in Las Vegas Nevada

Try it and see for yourself.... Nothing says you care for someone like when you give them a great security, surveillance or self-defense gift. Everyone has their own security issues, but solving that security issue for someone else lets them know that you put some time and consideration into their gift.

Whether it's mace pepper spray for kids in college, a stun gun for your wife or husband that works late hours and walks through dark parking lots, or a hidden voice recorder from our $99 or Less page to help someone stop harassment from an abusive individual at work - our products get results!

Custom Made Security Gear and Equipment for Las Vegas Nevada

It's true, we not only build custom cameras in our warehouse labs, but we have some of the best manufacturers in the world building our covert hidden camera systems, all-in-one self recording surveillance systems, remote view Internet security systems, and many other of our hard to find do-it-yourself hidden cameras.

xtreme life do it yourself security camera - official dealer - authorized

You can't find our products in stores, and you wouldn't want to pay their prices for them even if you did. We can afford to offer you the lowest prices on security cameras because we don't have a "middle-man" sticking his hand in our wallet causing your price to increase. When you buy from Spy-Tronix, you're buying direct from the source.

Authorized Mace Pepper Spray Reseller - Spy Shop Las Vegas NV

We've always been a registered dealer for Mace Pepper Spray, stun guns and self-defense products pretty much since internet retail sales began. We're a firm believer in the incredible safety and protection that one small can of pepper spray can afford you and your family. There are many brands of pepper spray out there, but we believe that Mace simply offers a better product.

mace pepper spray - personal protection - self-defense

authorized mace pepper spray dealers

Many of our customers even purchase our pepper spray, wholesale pepper spray, to sell on their own and make some extra money. It still boggles our minds to think how the world's crime statistics could be drastically reduced if more citizens would carry a can of Mace Pepper Spray or a stun gun during their busy day. Catching criminals by surprise is just what it implies; you shouldn't spend another day without a plan for your personal security!

Home, business, personal security, safety and self-defense

Bottom Line: Whether using our security gear for personal or professional use - our security products get results and they are very affordable! Our shopping cart is secure for your financial security, and our shipping is affordable and fast.

  • We keep our security gadgets on the cutting edge of technology, and our prices low enough to keep our competition far behind.
  • Our products more than pay for themselves the first time that you successfully use them for their intended purpose.
  • Note: For legal reasons - phone, PC and voice security gear are limited to monitoring children or employees.

Our low prices: We understand that you work hard for each dollar that you earn. Therefore, we focus on making our profit by mass sales volume - NOT by trying to make a killing on each sale - unlike most of our competition. ...It's just that simple!

If you have shopped with us before, then welcome back and we hope you appreciate our new look. We've tried to keep it as simple and laid back as possible, because we believe that your online shopping experience should be a fun and relaxing time.

Thanks for stopping by - protect yourself - and enjoy our site!


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Is it accurate to say that you are thinking about offering spy cameras in your online home business, however uncertain about which innovation elements to look out for?


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There are a variety of concealed cameras available, and it can appear to be all around confusing with regards to choosing which ones are your most logical option for resale. A decent general guideline is to start by choosing which specific business sector you need to target. For example, do you expect to basically pursue the private examination exchange, or would you say you are more inspired by offering shrouded cameras for home security use, or perhaps to nature aficionados who need to clandestinely watch untamed life? The proposed application for a spy camera will generally figure out which area of an objective business sector of customers you will concentrate on and which kind of camera components to look for.


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spy shop Las Vegas Nevada NV

spy shop Las Vegas Nevada NV

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How about we take a gander at a portion of the innovative components of different sorts of security cameras, alongside which sorts of shoppers would be likely potential clients for every element: Weatherproof Concealed Camera: This write will withstand introduction to the components and is preferably suited for open air use. Who might be a presumable purchaser for a weatherproof spy camera? Birdwatchers or nature darlings who need to watch bring forth eggs or creatures at encouraging time and things of that sort. This would likewise be a decent decision for somebody who needed to screen action outside their home or business. Security Camera Camouflaged as Something Else: A shrouded camera masked as a watch or ink pen would be an incredible decision for private examiners, or any individual who needed reconnaissance of a meeting, for case, without the other party monitoring it.


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Night Vision: This would again be a flawless decision for an open air security camera when movement was under observation all day, every day. On the off chance that the camera didn't have night vision, it wouldn't be much use after dull. Removable or Worked In Memory: As a general guideline, any expected utilization of a spy camera would be in an ideal situation with removable memory for the basic reason that the SD memory card could be evacuated and supplanted with a crisp card when one was full. Removable memory would be a decent decision for the individuals who need to safeguard the observation comes about. Determination of Sensor: If an unmistakable, fresh picture is sought, determination of the sensor in the spy camera is of significant significance. A camera with high determination may be the approach for private agents who need an unmistakable, effectively conspicuous and identifiable picture of somebody they have under reconnaissance. Nature mates may likewise need a high determination to catch occasions with clarity.


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Movement Sensor Recording: Movement sensor recording essentially implies that the spy camera will start recording when movement inside its borders sets it off. This kind of camera may be alluring for home security purposes as it would just go ahead when there was movement to start it. Central Length: Basically, central length of a spy camera alludes to its amplification and pressure of a scene or subject. Spy cameras with a more extended central length will have more prominent amplification of a scene however a more tight edge. This sort of camera, with a more drawn out central length, would be perfect for somebody who was watching a home of owl eggs seal or something along that line. This would amplify yet would just require a slender point of the home itself. The individuals who require a more extensive edge reconnaissance won't not be great contender for more central length spy cameras.

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You can offer a wide range of spy cameras in your online home business, or drill down inside the corner to build up a beneficial sub-specialty, for example, one specific sort of camera with particular innovation. Whichever course you choose to take, you are certain to locate a phenomenal choice of high caliber, innovatively propelled spy cameras at low wholesale costs accessible from Spy-Tronix.com.