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Customer Bill of Rights: At, we are stand strong in our belief that all citizens have the right to protect their families, their business, and also their personal privacy in this day and age where those things can be so easily violated. Therefore, we've constructed this simple customer bill of rights to make you more aware of your personal safety and security.

> We believe that each and every one of our customers have the right to the following statements below:

To affordably protect and secure your valuables: Therefore, we do not try to make a killing off of each and every sale that leaves our warehouse like many of our competitors. Instead, we make our profit off of high volume sales while ensuring our customers have the lowest prices possible.

To complete privacy and discretion at every stage of your transaction: Therefore, we do not put our company name on the shipping label, and we do not disclose the contents of your package anywhere on the outside box.

To know that your loved ones are safe and protected at all times: Therefore, we provide you with both personal defense and security or surveillance equipment that helps you keep an eye on your property, valuables, and loved ones.

To know that your personal privacy can be maintained in places you deserve it: Therefore, we provide you with high tech audio bug, hidden camera, and covert GPS detectors that help you find and detect devices that rob you of your privacy when they are intentionally misused by others.

To know that your caregivers are acting in the best interest of your family. Therefore, we provide you with high-tech custom made security cameras, hidden cameras, and covert monitoring equipment to make sure your loved ones are getting the best treatment possible.

To ensure your employees are conducting themselves appropriately when your back is turned: Therefore, we give you the tools to monitor your business when you are away, on vacation, etc. - either by video surveillance or PC and Smartphone monitoring devices.

> And, to know that you are buying quality security equipment from a reliable source. Therefore, we make it a habit of ours to work closely with law enforcement and private investigators when testing new products. This ensures that what you buy from us - is also being used by the professionals!

Policies agreed to at the time of purchase: These time-tested policies are designed to help keep our prices as low as possible and to create a fair transaction for both parties. As proof that we've been treating people fairly for decades of doing business - nearly 85% of our visitors end up being repeat customers. Your use of our site or your completion of our checkout process is the equivalent of your legal "electronic signature" of agreement to all of our site policies. Our e-commerce system does not allow customers to place an order until they have agreed and this is to ensure both parties understand this policy agreement. Should you have any questions, regarding our policies or our product line - use our Contact Us form prior to purchasing. Please do not return anything to us until you've been approved for a RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) or it will be refused by our warehouse and returned to you.

Billing Information: To protect your (and our) financial security while deterring fraud, we only ship to the verified BILLING address for the credit card you are using - regardless of the "shipping address" that you enter for the transaction. If you want your order shipped to an address other than the billing address for the credit card you are using then please contact your credit card company to add the alternate shipping address (where you'd like your shipment to be delivered) as an authorized secondary address to your credit card profile. Just use the 1-800 # on the back of your credit card - it is usually a five minute free phone call, and you can remove the address from your credit card after you receive your order.

Order Cancellations: If you need to cancel an order you must Contact Us quickly. If your order has already been processed, packed or shipped, it cannot be cancelled. Cancellations cost time and expenses, therefore any credit received will be less a cancellation fee (10% of your order subtotal - shipping is non-refundable) to cover our expenses in reversing or retracting your order. If your product has shipped and you refuse delivery, or the item is marked as unclaimed by the shipper, you will be held responsible for the cost of shipping in both directions in addition to the 10% cancellation fee mentioned above.

Shipping: Customers agree that they will do all they can to receive their shipment and in no way will hold The Geek Factor, LLC. or affiliates responsible for items lost, damaged, shipping errors made by USPS, UPS, or your local carrier. If you opt to use a different shipping address (other than the billing address) and we cannot verify it or your relation to that address, we reserve the right to ship to the billing address without prior notification to you. If an out of stock item prevents us from fulfilling your order, we may opt to ship a partial order or cancel it entirely depending on the circumstances. For your/our prevention of fraud; some shipments may require signatures so please be prepared to sign for your package. Products damaged upon receipt must be proven, and confirmed, by the customer in written form to be reimbursed by the shipper. Please inventory your order immediately upon receipt of your shipment. If you do not receive every component of your order or it appears to be damaged upon receipt - you have 72 hours from the time of receiving your package to notify us about the issue or it could be considered attempted fraud. USPS is our primary shipper so we do ship to P.O. Boxes, APO/FPO addresses, and to Canada. Sales outside of the United States are considered completely final in all aspects. We do not ship our products within the state of Idaho. You have 48 hours from the receipt of the wrong merchandise to email our customer service and report the problem. If this occurs, we will cover the cost of return shipping or refund you the proper amount after the fact on a case by case basis. If we do not hear from the buyer/recipient within 48 hours of receipt of the order, or if customer does not make an attempt to return the merchandise to us, then the credit card used in the transaction in question will be charged accordingly.

Coupons and Promotional Offers: We offer many discounts and savings through coupons or other means; they can be changed, modified, started or stopped at any time without prior notice. The correct coupon code must be entered during the checkout process for that specific order or the discount will not be given. Those discounts cannot be applied after the order is placed. A buyer who purchases under a promotional offer such as, but not limited to free shipping or sale items will be subject to a full price adjustment on their credit card for the item(s) should they return any part of the order. To prevent and deter fraud, there are absolutely no refunds on special offers which give some sort of discount and/or other product for free.

Using our products: The customer agrees to have, hire specialized help or acquire the knowledge and skill required to follow all product instructions and proper procedures for using any item purchased from our site; this includes having the proper computer system per the requirements stated in the product description. Our customer service is available to help you, offer tips, or to guide you through set-up with your chosen product - but we are NOT responsible (and only offer limited guidance) for computer compatibility issues, connection issues, driver installation issues, file saving and upload, etc. Customers with special disabilities of any kind should bring this to our attention prior to ordering from our site so that we can help them to choose the correct product. We are not responsible when you have difficulties operating a product due to a disability but we were not told about it prior to the purchase.

Customer service via email: Email initiated by a customer will usually be answered within 3 to 48 hours and is answered in the order it is received. For faster service - provide the billing name or order number for your transaction. If we do not receive a response to our reply within 72 hours after it was sent, we will consider the issue(s) closed. Email with unrecognized names, subject matter, or contents will be deleted by our spam filters. Due to the nature of our products, all customer service is handled via email. Only our licensed vendors, distributors, and manufacturers have access to our phone lines. Customers that ask last minute questions about our products in our “Customer Comments” box at the time of purchase will not be answered; please use our Contact Us form before ordering.

Buyer Remorse: We do not guarantee an item will work for a customer's intended purpose but only that the item will function as advertised on our site. Refunds will not be given for mistaken assumptions. Customers that "leave the country" - "go on vacation" (etc.) or customers that say "I didn't use it for the first three weeks....then I found out it was broken." (etc.) do not obtain extra time to exchange a product. Likewise, it is not our responsibility if a customer tells us that they did not get their shipment in time for an important deadline and so they no longer need the use of the product. For all such related excuses - a restocking fee will be deducted from any credit received should we decide to honor the return.

Attempted Fraud: We reserve the right to decline and cancel orders that so much as hint towards the possibility of fraud. Also, when a customer purposely neglects to follow our site policies, initiates a bogus chargeback, returns products to us without an RMA, or any other form of "backdoor" activity against us - we have the full option to cancel their order entirely or call their sale final in all aspects if the product is already in their possession. Attempted fraudulent orders will result in your IP address, and full order information, being sent to the Federal Cyber Crime Bureau, the Post Master General, local law enforcement authorities, and to your credit card provider for appropriate action; which normally results in tarnishing your credit history and profile.

Exchanges: Returns are rare at Spy-Tronix. We inspect each product that leaves our manufacturing center, then we do it again inside our technical support labs after you place an order. However, sometimes a product sneaks by the process and gets delivered to the customer. We understand this fully and our goal is to get you a functional product as soon as possible. We will exchange or repair, at our discretion, products that are deemed to be defective within the first 30 days after the date of purchase. Exchanges still fall under the return guidelines found lower on this page. In over 90% of all requested returns our technicians find that the product works as advertised, but the customer simply did not follow the instructions. Our technicians are fair in their inspections and our goal is to get a functional replacement back in your hands as soon as possible. When a customer notifies us of a problem about a product we will respond quickly with advice, troubleshooting and with any other information that may be able to solve the problem without the need for a return. In doing so, we expect that the customer will respond back to us in a timely manner until the issue is resolved or an exchange is completed. However, if a customer takes a longer than a normal period of time (more than three days) to respond to us and keep the flow of information alive, then an exchange will not be accepted because we can only assume that the customer is still "getting use from the product."

Exchange Process: Read the product instructions carefully, then use our Contact Us form to ask us any detailed questions. Most issues can be resolved in our first response and we reserve the right to perform minor troubleshooting on all products before allowing any exchange. In the rare case that a product isn't working despite troubleshooting efforts on both sides, we may allow you to return it so our technicians can inspect it. If this is the case, we'll give you specific instructions for your situation on how to start the return process. All returns must have a valid RMA or they will be refused by our warehouse. We will provide a link to our RMA request form after our customer service team has approved your reason for return. Items sent back to us without a valid RMA will be refused - no exceptions. Our 30 day exchange policy lets you know we care about your satisfaction with our products and service.

1. You will be sent clear and detailed return instructions for your specific situation. All returns require a valid RMA or they will be refused by our warehouse. RMAs expire 8 days from the date of issue; returns must arrive in our warehouse before RMA expiration or will be rejected by our warehouse.

2. For your protection, please delete all personal data on products with SD cards, mini/micro SDs, and internal memory from any exchanged or returned products. We are not responsible for any personal data left on returned products. Our original costs for shipping and handling charges will not be refunded for any returned product and if you received free shipping with your order then the true cost of shipping will be deducted from any credit you receive.

3. Prepaid return labels are provided when obvious defects or shipping errors are apparent after communicating with the customer. Otherwise, return shipping is the obligation of the customer. However, if our technicians confirm your claim of a defective product, we will reimburse your credit card up to $10 for your cost of shipping the defective item to us. Only exchanges for the same product can be made when defects are by our technicians. We reserve up to 7 business days to receive, test, inspect, and to send out a replacement product for any return once it is received in our warehouse.

4. Abused, mishandled, damaged or products returned with missing items are not eligible for exchange and will be returned to the customer at their cost. We will use our Data Recovery software to scrub flash memories to see whether audio or video recordings have taken place when a customer tells us that "I never used the product." If we find the customer used the product after telling us otherwise - that sale is final in all aspects and will be returned to the buyer.

• Due to the nature of our products, and to deter fraudulent transactions, some items cannot be returned or have return limitations.
• Items or packaging not in a resell-able (like new) condition or items that show improper care, handling, misuse or tampering by the customer.
• Potentially single-use items: GPS tracking devices, camera detectors or products that quickly get the buyer's desired results then returned to us used.
• Software: Hidden cameras with software, computer software, Spy Cobra or iPhone software, software sticks, GPS trackers, etc.
• Operating systems: Please ask or insure the product you purchase will work with your PC and meet your computer's minimum OS requirements.
• Potentially contaminated products: i.e. ear pieces, microphones, or other body worn objects and components - as with our phone recorders.
• Installed items: i.e. hardwired GPS trackers, GPS Loggers, internet hidden cameras, web cameras
• Orders where the buyer reveals intent to "resell", to give, or to install any of our products to/for a third party.
• Pepper spray and stun devices cannot be returned under any condition because we simply cannot offer "used" products for the purpose of self-defense.
• Made-to-order or custom-built hidden camera systems, products that state "custom made", or are fabricated in our warehouse prior to shipping.

Restocking fees will not be charged when the item is proven defective by our technicians or it was clearly our fault. When a customer returns a functional product, mishandles a product, or for any reason we determine it is no longer resell-able, we may charge you up to 25% of the price of the item. Restocking fees cover our expenses to receive, unpack, reshelf, to prepare the item for sale again, or to replace missing materials, components, accessories, or the item's original packaging as well as the man hours and time required to do so. Items returned, that are being claimed as defective or damaged, are subject to a 20% restocking fee if they are found to be in normal working order. Please read the manual and feel free to contact our customer service for help in using your product(s). A standard technician's fee of $15.00 will be charged to all non-defective returns that are sent back to the customer.

Legal Disclaimer: It is the buyer's (you/your) responsibility to have knowledge of, obey, and comply with all applicable Local, State, and Federal laws in regard to the purchasing, possession, and use of any item from Spy-Tronix. By placing an order, the buyer confirms that the products ordered will be used in a lawful manner, and that he/she is of Legal Age (18) to purchase these products. Furthermore, by placing an order with Spy-Tronix, the buyer agrees that he/she has read all information in this legal disclaimer and understands its contents. The buyer also agrees that, under no circumstances will the buyer or user hold Spy-Tronix, the product manufacturers, or any other concerned affiliates liable for loss, damages, or injuries including any circumstances arising out of the use, misuse, or malfunction of these products or services they represent. These products are tested in our factories and also in our lab prior to shipping - we are not responsible for the electrical wiring in your home, broken outlets used with our products, etc.

Pepper Spray is restricted for sale or use in many cities and states. We will not, ship or sell to those locations. Additionally, the restricted cities and states shown on those pages is a mere guideline and may be outdated as of today. Wholesale Pepper Spray Sales: We want to make it very clear that you (the buyer) are fully responsible for any pepper spray that you purchase from us - or otherwise resell for a profit. Pepper spray is a self-defense weapon meant to be used as a last resort to protect yourself, your family, or another person that is the victim of an act of violence - nothing more. We, Spy-Tronix, are not and cannot be held responsible for any damages, injuries, etc. caused by your purchase of pepper spray from our online store. All sales of pepper spray are final. We pay our taxes as required; if you profit from the sale of our pepper spray then you are obligated to pay local, state, or federal taxes on that profit - but that is your responsibility to do for yourself. * No Pepper Spray Sales to New York, Massachusetts or Wisconsin!

Spy-Tronix reserves the right to refuse any sale or service, at any time, and without prior notification or explanation. Furthermore, at any time, Spy-Tronix reserves the right to change any price or policy. For each visitor to our site, our server automatically recognizes only the consumer's IP address, but not the e-mail address. We maintain all e-mail addresses of those who purchase from us and from those who "opt-in" to our e-mail list. The authorized e-mail addresses we maintain in our database are used by us to contact only these consumers and customers for notification of New Products, Special Offers, or just to say Thank You for patronizing Spy-Tronix. If you do not want to receive e-mail from us in the future, then do not check the box in our shopping cart. Spy-Tronix, and its associates reserve the right to contact any and all individuals regarding a dispute involving merchandise or where we deem necessary by using supplied information such as customer's phone number, billing/shipping address, email, personal data, or contacting parties associated with the individual we are inquiring about. Should litigation arise regarding a transaction associated with TGF, LLC. or its affiliates, we reserve the right to charge the buyer's credit card used in the original transaction or disputed transaction any and all fees accrued in the process of proving our case.

Spy-Tronix will not willingly sell, trade, solicit, or reveal any of your personal, financial, or contact information to non-business related parties. Rest assured, your transaction is seen as simply "a valued transaction from a valued customer," and it will not be used outside of the parameters stated in this paragraph. With respect to security: We always use industry-standard encryption technologies when transferring and receiving consumer data exchanged with our site. We have appropriate and updated security measures in place to protect against the loss, misuse, or alteration of information that we have collected from you at Spy-Tronix. We are not responsible for web or server errors originated beyond our control, through acts of nature, widespread Internet crashes, or security breaches by our third party affiliates.

We will not hesitate to report all unjustified chargebacks to, thereby alerting other businesses that you are a less than honorable customer. As with all online transactions and shopping, nothing is forced, and you are free to shop elsewhere should you disagree with our policies in anyway whatsoever. If you feel that Spy-Tronix is not abiding by the policies on this page, then we encourage you to promptly Contact Us.

Furthermore, by submitting an order to Spy-Tronix, the buyer does hereby unconditionally stipulate: That he/she is unconditionally bound by the Terms and Conditions stated on this page, or anywhere in our website, in their entirety. That he/she is entering into a legal and lawfully binding purchase contract and said buyer does further agree to pay for all items ordered, shipping costs associated with order, contract enforcement administrative costs, contract enforcement legal fees, contract enforcement collection fees, and chargeback research/response fees. In addition, buyer also agrees to pay all aforementioned costs/fees/charges in the event that said buyer refuses shipment, fails to pick-up shipment from the carrier, or obtains a credit card chargeback. That the jurisdiction and venue for any legal or administrative action on behalf of or against TGF, LLC. will be located in Canyon County, State of Idaho.