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It's true - we've been selling our high tech spy and security equipment to private investigators for two decades and online since the year 2000. Over the years we've built a strong bond of trust between us and some of the top private investigative companies in America.

We've also sold to government fraud investigation agencies - such as insurance fraud or disability fraud detectives at the state and federal levels.

private investigators - detectives - law enforcement shop at Spy-Tronix

As you could imagine, private investigators can't afford to play around with their surveillance equipment. They may only get one chance to get the data, proof or evidence that they need. So that means a lot to us that they would trust Spy-Tronix to get their job done right the first time.

Here's what Wikipedia has to say about private investigators and detectives: "A private investigator (often abbreviated to PI and informally called a private eye), a private detective or inquiry agent, is a person who can be hired by individuals or groups to undertake investigatory law services.

  • Private detectives/investigators often work for attorneys in civil cases.

A handful of skilled private detectives/investigators work with defense attorneys on capital punishment and other criminal defense cases. Many are insurance investigators who investigate suspicious claims. Before the advent of no-fault divorce, many private investigators were hired to search out evidence of adultery or other conduct within marriage to establish grounds for a divorce.

Despite the lack of legal necessity for such evidence in many jurisdictions, according to press reports collecting evidence of adultery or other "bad behavior" by spouses and partners is still one of the most profitable activities investigators undertake, as the stakes being fought over now are child custody, alimony, or marital property disputes.

Private investigators can also be used to perform due diligence for an investor who may be considering investing money with an investment group, fund manager or other high-risk business or investment venture. This could serve to help the prospective investor avoid being the victim of a fraud or Ponzi scheme.

An undercover investigator, undercover detective, or undercover agent is a person who conducts investigations of suspected or confirmed criminal activity while impersonating a disinterested third party.

Undercover investigators often infiltrate a suspected insurgent group, posing as a person interested in purchasing illegal goods or services with the ultimate aim of obtaining information about their assigned target.

Many undercover investigators carry hidden cameras and recorders strapped to their bodies to help them document their investigations. The period of the investigation could last for several months or, in some extreme cases, years.

Due to the dangerous nature of the job, their real identities are kept secret throughout their active careers. Economic investigations, business intelligence and information on competitors, security advice, special security services information, criminal investigation, investigations background and profile polygraph tests, are all typical examples of such a role."

So as you can see, we take pride in the fact that these hard working and creative investigators and detectives have been shopping with us for years. Now, however, nearly all of this same equipment is available to moms, dads, homeowners, business owners and those that want to make sure their home - business - or loved ones are safe.

Go ahead, be your own James Bond and load up your cart with the best spy, security and surveillance gear on the market today.