How to Set the Time/Date Stamp Feature for Mini Cameras

 set the time and date stamp for mini spy cameras

Below, you'll find instructions and a few sample files you can download to set the time and date on your mini spy camera - if we advertise it as having this feature. Basically, to set the time on your mini camera, what needs to happen is:

1.  You open up the text files (lower on this page) and change the MM:DD:HH:MM...etc. (the different date formats in each file) - into your actual local time. Then you save the text file(s) in a place where you know where it/they are.

2.  You connect your camera to your computer, and then you load (download/upload) the text file(s) that you have just saved...[ either one file at a time - or all five files at once ] into your camera's memory.

3.  Once you've loaded the file or files with correct time - into your camera's memory...then remove the camera from your PC.

4.  Power it ON, then power it OFF, - then power it ON - and take a sample video. Your preset local time and date should be showing on your videos when you connect it to your computer again.

The time setting files you need are linked to below...

Why so many different .txt files? Because each mini camera could be made with a different "chipset - or brain" and that chipset is configured to accept only a certain file with a certain time and date format...and/or file name. (i.e. Set Time, User config, etc.) So we've provided you with all possible files for your camera to accept.

Once your camera accepts a file and shows the correct time and date, when you look into your camera's memory again (after connecting it to your computer) - you will see one less file than you originally loaded into it.

This is because the camera accepted one of those files and adopted it into its internal memory. So it totally disappears and leaves the other files remaining. Note: After this happens - it is safe to delete those remaining text files that the camera did not accept.

Example: Lets say you set the time and date for these .txt files (setdate, SetTime, time, SystemTime, TAG, and userconfig) and you load them into your camera's memory. After your time has been set correctly in your mini camera - the file that was accepted will not be shown in the camera's memory, but the other files will still be in the memory.

So if you only see the "setdate, time, TAG, SetTime, and userconfig" text files remaining in your camera's memory....then it means that your camera accepted the data from the "SystemTime" text file that you configured - because it is the only file missing from the group.

In that situation, you would now know that you can safely delete all of the other text files, and if you ever need to change your camera's time again - you will always use the "SystemTime" text file to do so.

The whole time date setting process in a nutshell:

Some of the .txt files may have a time entered in them already, or they may be generically set with only the letter markings - either way, you will still need to fill in your correct local time. Simply replace the yyyy with 2009, the mm with 02, the dd with 05, and the hh:mm:ss with your current time...and so on.

Then save each of the .txt files INTO THE MEMORY of your camera. Disconnect the camera from your computer, turn it ON, and then turn it back OFF >> then power it ON - and take a sample video. All of your future recorded files should have the current time and date and one of the files should disappear.

Simply delete the other files that did not disappear from your memory after you know the time is correctly set.

Removing the time stamp: Not all mini cameras allow for the time and date stamp to be removed, but the only method we've seen that "sometimes" works for this task is by adding a capital " N " after the time and date stamp this: 2009.08.24 21:51:25 N ........but it is not a proven method for each and every camera.

Sometimes, a customer feels that the time and date stamp is blocking too much of their video and they want to remove it, but most customers like having it there in each and every video they record.

Hopefully this explains the time setting process in a little more detail for you. Once you set the time correctly - you'll always know how to do it again in the future. If you purchased your mini spy camera from us - then "thank you."

However, if you just found this page on the Internet because you bought your mini camera somewhere else and they can't (or won't) help you set the time and date on your mini camera - then please consider buying from Spy-Tronix the next time you need some high-tech surveillance gear.

> You can download each of the files below by "right clicking" on the the link and saving the file to your desktop, to the root directory of your mini camera or SD Card, or someplace on your computer where you can find it again.

> Try these files individually: setdate.txt / SetTime.txt / SystemTime.txt / time.txt / userconfig.txt / TAG.txt

A faster way and a single file to set the time and date:

>> If you want to try a great way that is much faster (the same file our technicians use in our lab) - you can download this one simple file here "SysTimeConfig" or this one "WriteTime."  (Note: This is a safe, virus free and common file, but it is an " .exe " file so your antivirus program may give you a warning when downloading it.)

> Here's how the SysTimeConfig and the WriteTime files work: Save this file directly into the root memory of your mini camera and then double click on it. A mini window will open up and ask you to confirm that the correct drive for the camera is displayed (the program uses your computer's local time). If the correct drive letter is displayed (E:, F:, G: H:, etc.) then click the update button on the pop up window.

The program will create about four different time setting ".txt" files and fill them each with the exact time, in the correct formats - as per the time on the computer you are using. Once it creates the files and you see them in the camera's memory - simply disconnect the camera from your computer > the power it ON > then power it OFF. .....All future videos that you take should have the correct time and date stamp on them.

Always "Safely Remove Hardware" when disconnecting from your computer.

A big, important, and final note: If you want to prolong the life of your mini USB devices, recorders, cameras, flash drives, etc. - then you MUST get used to using the Windows "Safely Remove Hardware" feature. You can read more about it here.

Here is information about it for MAC users:


set the time and date stamp for mini spy cameras