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At Spy-Tronix, we don't take "security" lightly. After all, we're people just like you, we see what goes on in the world from day to day, and we watch the daily news fill up with senseless acts of crime and violence. The difference between us an most businesses in America - is that we decided to do something about it.

Yes, we've been helping good American citizens stay safe and secure since before most people started using the internet.

Over 70% of our staff is made up of prior service or retired military soldiers, airmen and Marines. So, collectively, we've been keeping this country safe much longer than we've been selling security products. We take pride in keeping people safe - rather than letting them become the next victim of a random act of violence

Take a look at why we try and alert people to potential harm, violence, or loss of their personal privacy as they go about their busy day.



I don't need security gear - it will never happen to me...

Oh, if we only had a dollar for every time we've heard people actually say that or display it in the way they choose to live their lives... "It will never happen to me" is the oldest bit of deception in the book. The truth is, the majority of people in our country will one day experience an act of violence, a threatening situation, a burglary, a mugging, a street crime, a rape, a murder, an automobile crash, etc..

"There are those who have - and those who will." Very few people will live a long and healthy life without a close call or one of the traumatic experiences mentioned above.

Are we saying that everyone should run around scared and waiting to fend off an attack? No, not at all. But we are saying that you can take simple and small measures to ensure your safety or the safety of your loved ones. Basic steps and preventive measures throughout your busy day can save you a lot of headache and can make an attacker want to choose someone else.

You see, that's the the thing...once a criminal has it in their mind to commit a crime - they're going to do it. The goal is to make sure that they don't want to do it to you.

Why shouldn't you take charge of your personal or your family's security? Why shouldn't you make sure your family works as a team and has good situational awareness when you are in your home or when you leave your front door?

All we're saying is - "Why would you want to make it easy for a criminal to take advantage of you? - Especially when there are simple and affordable ways to protect yourself or to see what's happening when you're not there.

Here are some simple FBI statistics about crime:

The FBI Crime Clock should be viewed with care. "The most aggregate representation of UCR data, it conveys the annual reported crime experience by showing a relative frequency of occurrence of Part I offenses. It should not be taken to imply regularity in the commission of crime. The Crime Clock represents the annual ratio of crime to fixed time intervals."

fbi crime clock - list of crimes in 2013

With a violent crime happening every 27.1 seconds and a property crime taking place every 3.7 seconds, during the year of 2013, the crimes may not have been happening to you - but they were happening to someone. Chances are that those millions of people that became victims in 2013 - didn't just wake up that morning and think..."Today is my day - something bad is going to happen to me."

Because if they had woken up and thought that, even for a second or two, they may have taken different actions, different precautions, or maybe kept a better eye on their surroundings. Again, we're not saying to run around waiting for a disaster in your life, but we are saying that criminals are simple-minded predators that prey on "unsuspecting or unprepared" people.

Even basic security steps, methods, or choices can make a difference.

Have you ever driven down your street in your neighborhood (or any neighborhood) at night and been able to see what a family had on their TV set? Sure, you've seen those houses with every possible window wide open after darkness falls.

You can see what rooms people are in, where the kids are playing, what they're doing, if they're sitting at the kitchen table for dinner, what they're watching on their 60 inch wide plasma TV, etc.. The ironic thing about keeping your windows open at night is that if your room is lighted - you can't see out from the inside, but others can see in from the outside. So why keep your windows open after dark?

family safety - security - protection

Take a few minutes to close your blinds and to make it harder for a criminal to figure out your family's habits and routines. Why give a criminal a chance? Why give them a head-start of looking into your house like your family is in a gigantic fishbowl?

It just doesn't make sense to our staff that so many American's literally "invite criminals into their home" by not taking care of basic security measures.

  • Do you have a lock on your side gate?
  • Do you have outside lights around your entry and exit ways? Your walkways and windows?
  • Do you keep the shrubs cut down to where a criminal or prowler can't hide by your front door?
  • Do your children know that they don't just have to open the door for anyone or each time the doorbell rings?
  • Do you still keep your key to your front door somewhere on your porch, under the mat, etc.?
  • Do you trust your neighbors and relatives to come into your house while you're away?


                  A basic introduction to our spy - security - self-defense and surveillance gear:

                  Okay, you've seen a lot of gadgets, devices, electronics and spy or security gear on our site. In case you didn't know it, we named our business after spy and electronics = "Spy-Tronix".  We've had a lot of fun with that name and people still tell us that they love browsing the unique and hard to find security equipment on our site.

                  Our major product categories on our site are:

                  • Bug Detectors
                  • Voice Recorders
                  • Phone Recorders
                  • Spy or Security Cameras
                  • GPS Devices
                  • Pepper Spray
                  • Stun Guns
                  • and PC or Smartphone Software

                  Okay, stay with us as we take a moment to to examine these products one by one. Let's take a closer look at what these products are, how they can be used, and what kind of benefits they achieve for you.


                  Bug Detectors and Bug Sweepers - Protect your privacy!

                  Bug detectors are simple devices that tell you if a spy device is in your immediate area. Therefore, bug detectors are used to protect your personal privacy. Why? Because many people go out of their way and will even break the law to abuse or to invade your personal privacy. These days, with the high amount of technology in our world - spying and privacy invasion is getting increasingly easier than it was years ago.

                  Typical bug detectors are handheld devices that will detect a "wireless frequency" or "radio frequency (RF)" within a small radius of where you are standing. These days, there are many reasons why you may have a wireless frequency around you; Wi-Fi hot spots, cell phone signals and towers, microwave frequencies, etc.

                  However, if for some reason you feel your privacy is being invaded or you're in a place where you have a right to personal privacy...that is where you need to start suspecting that a spy device may be near or in use. That is where a simple bug detector or bug sweeper will step in and give you peace of mind. See our bug detectors by clicking here.


                  Phone Recorders, Voice Recorders and Listening Devices

                  Have you ever been part of an important conversation where you really needed to remember what was said - but you couldn't remember for the life of you? Well, that's where phone recorders, voice recorders and listening devices come into play. They make sure that you never have to miss an important conversation again.

                  Click here to get M-Spy - now - and install it in just minutes!

                  Know for sure what your kids are doing online...


                  We have phone recorders that can let you know who is calling your house when you're away. Our phone recorders can be connected to - let's say > the phone jack or phone in the master bedroom and then they will record all other lines in the house that share that same phone number.

                  Better yet, if you leave the phone recorder plugged into a power source - they can record phone calls and conversations for up to weeks at a time. This works the same in in offices; connect the recorder to one phone and it will record all other extensions in the office that share that same phone line.

                  phone recorders - digital voice recorders

                  Voice recorders can be used from recording your baby's first words, your scores or shots taken during a game of golf, or when you really need to get hard evidence of wrongdoing, harassment or equal opportunity issues.

                  You can get proof of an abusive or dangerous domestic situation just as easy as a police officer or a private investigator use our recorders while questioning a suspect. Record meetings, lectures, classes, seminars or even your own personal notes and things you do not want to forget.


                  Mini Spy and Portable Video Cameras

                  For those of us that are old enough to remember, you know that the very first Video Recorders or Cam Corders - were about the size of a loaf of bread and could weigh up to a couple pounds (see the image below). There was no possible way you were ever going to sneak up on somebody with one of those monsters strapped to your shoulder - you just couldn't do it.

                  old camcorders were huge - new min dvr spy cameras are tiny

                  Look at the size difference between the two different portable video recorders above. Is that incredible or what? Technology is really jumping in leaps and bounds these days and so are the different kinds of mini spy cameras that we offer on our site.

                  Our buyers individually hand-pick our mini cameras or they work closely with our manufacturers to create new ones. We have motion activated mini cameras, voice activated, cameras with audio and video, cameras that will record audio by itself, and most of our mini cameras can fit in the palm of your hand.

                  • Put a mini camera by your cash register and see which one of your employees are taking money in between sales.
                  • Hide one in a place that overlooks your desk at work and see who is getting into or taking your personal things.
                  • Put one in your hotel room and make sure the cleaning personnel are not going through your suitcases when you're out of the room.
                  • Leave one in your apartment and make sure the management or maintenance people are not invading your privacy while you're at work.
                  • Do the same thing in your dorm room and find out why it always feels like your stuff is rearranged.
                  • Leave one in your bedroom and see which dog or cat is jumping up on your bed while you're at work.
                  • The practical uses and applications for mini spy cameras are literally endless.
                    • Spoil yourself and get one - or two - today!


                      Do-It-Yourself - All-In-One - or Internet Security Cameras

                      If you have not noticed, we're living in the "Do-It-Yourself" days. There are so many ways to get information from the internet and technology is getting easier to use despite the fact that it is getting more and more high-tech.

                      That's why we offer full blown all-in-one spy, security and surveillance cameras that you can set up yourself and be using them within minutes after taking them out of the box.

                      Think about it and shop at Spy-Tronix before you pay a private investigator $500 for them to pull a 3 hour surveillance stakeout for you - do the job yourself and save. Or, even if you do have to buy a $400 camera to do the least it is "your camera" and you can use it again and again and again for years to come.

                      Do the job yourself and you'll see that you can get really great and astonishing results.

                      "Hourly rates vary based on where the private investigator is located, the difficulty of the investigation, and whether the private investigator will need the assistance of other private investigators. Throughout the country, fees range from approximately $40-100 per hour. The average hourly rate is around $50-55 per hour.

                      Keep in mind that there may be additional fees attached to the hourly rate. A common addition is mileage expenses, usually around $0.45 per mile. That hourly rate may increase significantly if another private investigator's services are needed in order to complete your case.

                      For example, if your private investigator needs the assistance of an associate overseas, the hourly rate may be high. In some parts of the world, private investigators charge as much as $300 per hour."

                       do it yourself - affordable - all-in-one spy security surveillance video dvr cameras

                      Again, take a look at some of our higher end security cameras and you'll see that they have great features like night vision (IR - Infrared) capability, some are battery operated, some can record video for weeks at a time, some let you see your video over the internet while you're away from your home or office and all of them are easy to use as a do-it-yourself security system.

                      Not only that, but we normally have good and easy to use coupon codes or specials on our site, all orders over $75 ship for free (by 3 to 5 day shipping), and we do not put our Spy-Tronix name on the shipping labels. Spoil yourself, get the peace of mind you deserve, and get an all-in-one security camera system today!