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Phone recorder sales are on the rise - year after year...

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We've been selling phone recorders for over a decade and we're glad to say that sales are stronger than ever. We sell our them to nearly any kind of American citizen there is: Attorneys, judges, law enforcement agencies, private investigators, college professors, college students, insurance agents, realtors, small and large business owners, employees, moms, dads, grandparents and more....

record home or office land line calls and conversations

Phone recorders can really save your day when they keep you from missing an important phone call or even a cell phone call. It's true, we now even sell full blown hands free Bluetooth Cell Phone Recorders, attachable phone recorders, phone recording microphones, covert lapel microphones, and cell phone spy software.

Reasons for using a phone or cell phone recorder?

Parents and home owners: You might have a great telephone, but the answering machine may not allow you to record important phone calls. There may be times when you need to record a phone call because of its sensitive nature or the content of the call itself.

Maybe you run a small business out of your home and you need to record your customer service calls, calls with your suppliers or vendors, or maybe even when resolving disputes with your credit card processing or web hosting company.

record home or office land line calls and conversations

Parents: Did you know that our phone recorders can record every phone in your house as long as it has the same phone number as the phone or phone jack you've connected it to? It's true! So, this means that if you connect one of our phone recorders to your master bedroom's wall outlet (or the phone itself) - that it can record the phone in the kitchen, the den, the small office, the garage - and even the phone in your teenager's bedroom.

If you think that your kids are choosing the wrong friends, having problems in school, or maybe picking up bad habits from their friends - then a phone recorder just may give you the answers you need to know!


How can I record my cell phone calls?

You're probably thinking... How can I record my cell phone calls when I can't connect anything to it as I'm driving down the road. Well, we have a few solutions for that problem. (1) We have a simple and affordable phone recording microphone that works with all of the phone recorders we sell. You can also connect it to any existing digital voice recorder that you already own as long as it has a 3.5mm mic IN jack. Click here to learn all about it.

Also, this same and affordable microphone allows you to record calls from ANY KIND OF PHONE as long as you have it properly connected to your digital voice recorder with a 3.5mm mic IN jack. It is actually a dual headed microphone where one microphone attaches to your clothing and the other microphone is an ear bud that fits in your ear.

 record mobile cell smart phone calls

Then, simply press RECORD on your digital voice recorder and put the receiver end of the phone over year ear with the microphone ear bud in it - and you'll be able to record both sides of any telephone conversation. With this microphone accessory, you can record land line phones, cordless phones, VOIP digital phones, cell phones, pay phones, satellite phones, etc.

Business owners: As we stated earlier, we sell our phone recorders heavily to private investigators and law enforcement officers. That is because they can double as a covert body-worn recording device with the purchase of our optional "external microphone accessory." Read more about our covert mini lapel microphone here.

business and office - workplace phone recorders

You can also use our phone recorders to record phone calls in or out of the office. Recording incoming or outgoing phone calls is an incredibly powerful feature for business owners because it allows them to know what is going on between their employees and their customers.

But you can also use that same phone recorder as a portable voice recorder to record employee counseling sessions and get solid evidence in conversations where employees are threatening or belligerent to you just because they're behind closed doors with you.


Why choose our phone recorders and cell phone recorders?

Very simply put, over the years at Spy-Tronix, we've taken our time to choose the absolute BEST phone recorders. We carry affordable, easy to use, and multipurpose phone recording devices that can really make a difference in your life when you use them to get the results you need.

We've had customers find out that their spouse was cheating on them while they were at work or while traveling for their work. We've had truck drivers monitor their home phones and come back a week later to find out that their worst expectations were true.

catch a cheating spouse - husband - wife

Some of our customers have even found out that their teenagers were talking to the wrong people or were developing bad habits with the friends they were speaking to on the phone. ...And we've had small business owners or employees of small businesses capture and record verbal threats or harassment on the job.

Because of the new trend in cell phone usage, we also carry only the best of cell phone spy software and computer spy software, but we'll speak more about that in a different article.

Bottom line: We're continually seeing where the market is going, what the current trends are and we're staying one step ahead of them in order to give our customers the best possible options to give them the ability to capture the results they need.


Legal considerations regarding voice and phone recording:

At Spy-Tronix, every type of voice recorder, phone recorder, and mini camera with audio recording is completely legal. Just like your cell phone; it is a multifunctional device that more than likely has a mini camera and a voice recorder - so are our high tech gadgets and security gear.

However, the way in which you record audio, voices or conversations can be considered illegal if you do it in the wrong way. All customers agree to our site policies and agree to use our products in a lawful manner so we are not responsible for what you do with your recorder after you get it.

But please do the right thing and record legally and responsibly, you can get in a lot of trouble if you do not. Spy-Tronix in no way is a source for explicit legal information, so be sure to check your local, state, and federal laws concerning voice recording for where you live.

You should always ask your attorney if you have any doubts, and pay close attention to one party consent and two party consent.


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