What's Your Home Security Plan?

your home is your castle - so protect it

Unfortunately, many home owners only think about "security" after they've experienced a burglary, a robbery, or they've simply had a close call. There are a many reasons why people do this, but most of them can be summed up to just a few main categories:

  1. Procrastination: "Sure, I've got a security plan, but I just haven't put it into action yet."
  2. Denial - Perfect World Syndrome: "It will never happen to me."  "It doesn't happen around here."
  3. Affordability: Yes, security cameras can run into the $300 to $500 range.
  4. Knowledge or Know How: "I'm not a high-tech person. I can't install a camera system."

So let's take a look at each one of these four topics and dig into them just a little bit deeper. Let's see if there is a way around them for the Average hard-working American Homeowner...

Procrastination - when dealing with basic security:

You don't need to explain that one to us; we fully understand. You work hard all day and by the time you've eaten dinner you just want to curl up in front of the TV and hope that time freezes before the next day begins. We've got that concept down very well.

However, your home is supposed to be "your castle" and every castle worth claiming has some kind of security: a soldier, a guard, or a deterrent to keep the bad guys out. Your home is no different. Just look below to see what the FBI has to say about crime in 2013:


fbi crime clock - list of crimes in 2013

With a violent crime happening every 27.1 seconds and a property crime taking place every 3.7 seconds, during the year of 2013, the crimes may not have been happening to you - but they were happening to someone.

Chances are that those millions of people who became victims in 2013 - didn't just wake up that morning and think..."Today is my day - something bad is going to happen to me."

But that's the way our world is leaning towards today. Per the FBI Crime Clock above, if you've read this entire page (just to this point) so far - then there have been some terrible crimes committed while you were reading.

So stop procrastinating before you, someone you care about, or your home becomes another statistic on the FBI crime clock. Take action now to get a basic security camera system that can watch your house while you're away.

Most people that get video security systems are amazed at the things they see on camera that they would have never seen before with their own two eyes.

...Whether it is a pet tearing up your sofa or a relative or maintenance person sifting through your personal items - a security camera can help you guard your castle day and night.


your home is your castle - so protect it at Spy-Tronix

Loss Prevention starts in your home. Watch the video (below) and see for yourself why we sell our security cameras by the truckload on a weekly basis. Over 92% of Spy-Tronix customers end up being "return customers" and many of them buy from us five times a year or more.

If you've ever had a package shipped to you by UPS or FEDEX, this video will give a new meaning to "the true value of hidden cameras." Read the full story here on Time.com. It's a fact, our hidden security cameras pay for themselves as soon as you capture the video information you need.

FED EX delivery guy throws a computer monitor over the fence.

And here is one more video (below) that shows a FED EX delivery guy throwing a computer/TV monitor over a 6 foot tall gated fence. The funny thing is that this homeowner was also prepared with a video camera system and this video clip went viral on YouTube after he posted it.

But like we said higher on this page - if you don't have proof - you're pretty much scr*wed in the situation and it will be your word against theirs. Having video will make all of the difference and at that point - it's pretty much a priceless.

Here's what Time had to say about the event: The viral YouTube video captures a veritable nightmare before Christmas: a delivery man carries a large package from a white truck emblazoned with the “FedEx” logo to the front gate of someone’s home.

Without an attempt to ring the doorbell or even walk up to the door, the driver hoists the box over his head, tosses it over the gate and leaves. Inside the box: a computer monitor, a clearly fragile object.

YouTube user goobie55 said that his monitor, not surprisingly, arrived broken and had to be returned. But a well-placed security camera left him with a bit of retribution. Posting the clip on YouTube, the video quickly went viral, receiving over 5 million views in just five days.

So, in wrapping up this FED Ex shipping experience, or when it comes to anything else happening on your property or inside of your home, a properly placed hidden security system can make all of the difference in the world. Audio and Video surveillance, or even just video surveillance on it's own, is the ultimate proof of "who did what" and it will really make your life easier if you have to take things to a court of law for a resolution.

Here is what the FED EX Senior VP had to say about the event. At least he did the right thing...

Below, we've posted some of our best selling security gadgets and devices. They are "Do-It-Yourself" devices that you can set up and use in just a few minutes after opening the box. You can choose from self-contained cameras that are battery operated (no cords or cables sticking out of them) or professional grade all-in-one hidden cameras that can record for weeks on end.

If you really want to see what's going on when you're away from home (or your office), then look into our wireless Internet security cameras. An internet security camera can let you watch your house, your kids, the babysitter, or your pets when you're away from home, at work, or on vacation.

Or how about other security gear like:

  • a GPS Tracking device
  • Mace Pepper Spray to put in your purse, pocket, or briefcase
  • a powerful Stun Device to keep by the front door, back door, or inside your car
  • a Digital Voice Recorder to make sure you never miss an important conversation again


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Click here to get M-Spy - now - and install it in just minutes!

Know for sure what your kids are doing online...


Denial - or the "It's a perfect world syndrome."

This one doesn't take long to explain and we kind of touched on it above where we showed you the image of the FBI Crime Clock for 2013. We're not kidding, we've heard some absolute horror stories from customers that come to us after something really bad has happened to them. We've had customers come to us after they were attacked, beaten, mugged, robbed, scared or threatened, their homes were broken into, etc..

Then, they come to us and they're really serious about getting something so that the terrible thing cannot happen to them again. That's great, and we really appreciate the ability to help them out, but the sad thing is that most of them tell us they had "a gut feeling" or "a sign" that this incident was about to (or might) happen to them in their immediate future. ...But they did absolutely nothing about it until it was too late.

fbi crime clock - crime statistics

Bottom line -  statistics are statistics and numbers are numbers. You can look higher on this page at the FBI Crime Clock and say "Wow! Those are some pretty scary numbers." But you've got to take a moment to consider this: "There is a real person, a name, a human being, a house or a home behind each of those numbers."

The sad fact of the matter is - none of those people "thought the crime would happen to them" - but it did and they probably were not ready or prepared for it when it happened. Crimes happen in every city - big or small - your city - my city - and you simply have to be prepared or you will become a victim at some point in time.

Affordability: "I can't afford to spend money on security equipment."

We know this one very well, too; times are tough and it's true that some security gadgets do cost a pretty penny. But we're telling you honestly, your security gear purchase will have paid for itself (in peace of mind) as soon as you get the results - proof - evidence - or self-defense that you need.

How much is it worth to you:

  • to find out who's been going through your desk and things at work
  • to find out where your kids are really going after school
  • to catch the apartment maintenance guy in your apartment while you're at work
  • to catch a babysitter or relative neglecting your child when they should be taking care of them
  • to catch a friend or neighbor going into your bedroom when they should have been in the hall bathroom
  • to get proof and evidence of a burglar in your home - when they thought they got a way freely
  • to have an $8 can of pepper spray on your keyring the next time you're in a bad environment or dark parking lot
  • to know that you have a stun gun flashlight helping you change a tire on the highway as a stranger approaches
  • ...We've seen and heard it all.  > Our products pay for themselves by giving you the edge you need in a bad situation.

Knowledge or Know How: "I don't know how to use this kind of equipment."

Don't let our high-tech gadgets fool you - they're very easy to use! Really, most anything we sell can be taken out of the package and used immediately.

  • Some things need to be charged for an hour or two
  • Some need a memory card inserted
  • Our internet cameras require that you install software onto your computer
  • Some cameras need to be plugged into a wall socket
  • You need to tell some cameras how you'd like them to record (like programming your VCR)
  • GPS devices require that you install software onto your computer
  • But that's about as tough as it gets with our spy equipment.

In general, we usually tell customers that their cell phone is harder to operate than anything we sell on our site.

  • Find it.
  • Select it.
  • Buy it.
  • Receive it.
  • Set-it up.
  • Let our high-tech spy, security, and surveillance gear to the work for you!
  • Get the peace of mind you deserve.

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