Wholesale OC Spray - Capsicum Pepper Spray

wholesale oc spray oleoresin capsicum

It really is that simple and that is what this entire page is about...we can help you grow a small business in your local area that gives you a steady stream of income on a regular (weekly or monthly) basis!

Basically, we sell you our best OC (oleoresin capsicum) pepper sprays at our wholesale cost and you can resell them in your local area.

We'll tell you right now that people love pepper spray and if you watch the news at all - you know that there are plenty of reasons you can use to help sell your pepper spray.

There are a number of places in your local area where you can sell pepper spray; some of them you know already and some of them you've never thought of before.

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Make money selling OC pepper spray in your local area.

So lets say you take one of our lower range sprays below that we sell for $59. That means you get 12 OC pepper spray canisters for only $59 and you can see that we normally sell them on our site for $8.95 or $9.95.

That's not a bad deal when you consider that you're only paying us $4.92 each for these - just because you're buying 12 of them at a time.

Now let's bring these back to your home turf and let's say that you're selling them in Los Angeles (a lot of crime + a lot of people) - that's a great combination when it comes to selling pepper spray.

  • If you have your own retail business location - then you can make the most money.
  • If don't have a business; you can find many local businesses that will want to split the profits with you.
  • It's a total win - win situation....keep reading below.

wholesale oc spray oleoresin capsicum - raise money


Two ways to make money selling our OC pepper spray...

If you own your own business: Okay, we know that your cost from us is $59 for 12 OC sprays, but you can probably sell them for $12.95 each in Los Angeles (and many other places around the country).

This gives you a gross sales total of $155.40...and a profit of $96.40...which means you made much more money for your 12 OC pepper spray sales than we did.

> At that rate, if you owned your own salon, had a steady stream of customers coming in 6 days a week - you might be able to sell about 7 cases (or 84 individual OC pepper sprays) in a month.

  • If you did - you'd make 7 x $96.40 - or a total of $675 extra dollars a month!

If you do not own your own business: You'd have to work a little harder, but you can get very creative and sell a lot of pepper spray. We know because some of our customers have been selling our pepper spray for years on end with great results.

> Let's say that you go to a local gas station, hair salon, barber shop, convenience store, etc. - and you tell them that they can make residual income every single week or month if they sell "your wholesale pepper spray."

  • They say "How much?" 
  • You say, "I'll give you 12 wholesale OC pepper spray canisters for only $100."
  • ..."and if you sell them in your store at $12.95 - you can make a cool $155.40."

The store owner quickly realizes that they can make a profit of $55.40 for every case they sell, and if they can sell 5 cases a month - they can make an extra $277 every 30 days... or an extra $3,324 in a year!

> You, on the other hand, can make about $41 for each wholesale case that you sell.

  • So, you've already found one store owner that can sell 5 cases in a month.
  • Then you go to 5 other store owners that can sell on average - about 4 cases per month.
  • Here's the math: 25 cases sold each month (at your profit of $41 per case) earns you about $1,025 a month...
  • ...Or you can possibly make an extra $12,000 per year.

make money wholesale OC Spray oleoresin capsicum

Making money selling OC pepper spray is really quite easy!

Can you see the power of this if you were to create your own "pepper spray route" (much like a news paper route) and you had a list of about 20 regular store owners (or clients) that call your cell phone or email you each and every time they need a new case of pepper spray to sell at their store?

  • If you had 20 store owners that sold 1 case a week - you'd sell 80 cases a month for a profit of $3,280.
  • Sweet! That's more than most jobs will pay you and you wouldn't even have to do any "real work."

Don't believe us? Look at our example just above with "20 store owners that sell 1 case per week" and check the numbers out below:

  • If you normally get paid $10 an hour and work 40 hours a week (X) times 4 weeks a month: You make $1,600 a month.
  • So a person that makes $20 an hour (X) times 40 hours a week....Makes $3,200 a month.
  • We just showed you how you can potentially make $3,280 a month selling our pepper spray if you put some creativity into it!

If this interests you at all, and you can see the major money making potential these wholesale sprays offer you - then look at our large selection of wholesale OC sprays below and then look at our main wholesale OC spray page to learn even more ways you can use to make money each month with these awesome self-defense tools.