Self-Defense and Safety - Items tagged as "Metal detector"

Self Defense and Safety are sometimes taken for granted. Many people don't want to be seen as "too safe or over-protecting" of themselves or their loved ones. But even more, most people do not want to be seen as "a victim" of a random act of violence or a statistic of a senseless or ruthless crime. Ourselves, well, we've been in the security industry for over three decades and it is a way of life for us.

We know how to keep it all in balance, we know how to minimize our risks and we're still free enough to go out into the world and do whatever we want. But we do take appropriate precautions when needed.

Our goal with the products in this category is to give you a way, or multiple ways, to fill the gaps in your life that need more security. It could be a simple door stop alarm to use in hotels while you travel or to alert you when your toddler tries to leave your front door unattended. Likewise, that same door stop alarm can be used by college students in a dorm room or strategically placed to alert you during care of the elderly.

We also go a few steps higher than simple warning device gadgets, because we proudly offer the best and hottest pepper spray and powerful stun guns for personal protection and self defense. Trust us - no thief wants to be hit with a steady stream or fog of hot pepper spray; nor do they crave being blasted by millions of volts through a hard-hitting stun gun.

So whether you're a security guard that needs the best gear on the market today or just a safety savvy parent that wants to make sure their family is safe - we have something for you.

self-defense and safety