GPS Tracking Devices - Covert GPS Trackers

safe teen driving - covert gps tracking devices

Feel the power and security of having a GPS device on or with the ones you love this Halloween!

A Global Positioning System (GPS) device can be a great little buddy to have by your side. We carry the best of both active and live GPS tracking devices and GPS Loggers or Data collectors. Private investigators use our GPS devices - so load up your cart and get the peace of mind you deserve!

  • GPS devices help you to find out where you need to go.
  • They can also help you to remember where you've been.
  • The mini GPS loggers that we sell are very small and fit in your pocket.
  • They can tell you how fast your kids are driving and show you where they went.
  • Our I Got U GPS logger mounts under vehicles with a magnetic case
  • Use them when you go hunting, fishing, camping or hiking
  • Use them when exercising, jogging, biking or walking
  • You can read time, distance, speed, altitude and other great data about your trip
  • Take them on your next vacation and sync your pictures to a specific spot on the globe.