Bug Detectors and Bug Sweepers

Our bug detectors and bug sweepers can find wired and wireless spy cameras or spy devices where you can't see them.

A hidden spy camera can be placed in your home, work, or car - your friend's home or automobile - a relative's home or vehicle- your small business - a department store changing room or restroom - a hotel room on your next vacation or business trip - the locker room, spa, pool, or tanning bed or at your local gym - anywhere you have a right to personal privacy!

We're not kidding, spy cameras can be placed just about anywhere in a matter of seconds - see the tiny screw pinhole camera lenses below. They're not even larger than a dime! But what is really scary about the two tiny screw lenses below is that only the very center of the Philips screw-head cross hairs needs to be exposed - because that is where the actual camera lens is hiding.

  • Yes, the actual camera lens is about this big " O " - so think about all of the place a lens like this can be hidden...

To make that easier, just think about all of the things that are put together with Philips screw-heads and then you'd just be getting started on your long list of where hidden cameras can be hidden.

spy camera lens - screw - button

Don't believe us? Here is just one of many stories where a person was caught trying to invade another citizens personal privacy:

Eastern Shore Chamber official accused of spying on women with restroom camera:

Daphne police have arrested Jay Hasting, tourism director at the Eastern Shore Chamber of Commerce, on charges that he secretly used a digital camera to record a pair of women in a restroom Sunday morning at the chamber's Scenic Overlook Welcome Center.

Hasting is a well-known member of the Daphne community. "It was kind of a shocker for everybody," said Lt. Jud Beedy, Daphne police spokesman.

The two women stopped at the welcome center to use the restroom at about 10:45 a.m. Sunday, Beedy said. When they went inside, Hasting told them that the women's restroom was out of order and that they would have to use the employees' restroom. Read more about it by clicking here...   Daphne police were called, and Hasting was charged with installing an eavesdropping device and two counts of criminal eavesdropping.

For a camera with a screw lens to observe you - all that needs to show is the tiny hole in the middle of the Phillips head screw (that's where the lens is at.) This means that nearly anywhere throughout your busy day, where you might pass or be exposed to a Phillips head screw....someone could have put a hidden camera there.

Our easy to use and affordable mini hand-held spy camera finders give you the peace of mind and privacy you deserve - anywhere you go!  Don't pay a private investigator - save your hard earned money and do it yourself!