Package STOLEN Off of Front Porch by Door

Packages - Shipments - Stolen from your front porch or near your front door?

package stolen from front doorstep or porch

Have you had a package stolen off of your front porch or from near your front door? People are getting their UPS, FED EX, DHL or USPS packages swiped and stolen at their homes and right in front of their house.

Worse yet, criminals are getting better and better at learning how to steal shipping packages from you and the holiday season (and Christmas) is right around the corner.

Don't be surprised if this new wave of crime makes its way into your neighborhood this year. It is a very shocking and surprising event to have something taken off of your front porch - especially if it is a gift or online purchase that you've been waiting for with high expectations.

But again, just add "people" to any normal situation and you'll find that "they" can quickly ruin it. So, yes, you'll need to keep your guard up this holiday season and put extra care and situational awareness into things that are left on your front porch.

To show you that this is really a new kind of crime that is here to stay - checkout some of the links or videos below:





How do thieves steal packages from your front door or porch?

Well, it's very easy - they just loosely follow around a FED EX, UPS, USPS, DHL or other type of delivery truck until they leave a package in front of someone's house.

Then, they'll park a little ways away and watch the house for a few minutes. If no one comes out the front door and the package continues to sit there - then these new types of criminals will simply walk up to your house in broad daylight and steal the package before you even knew that it was delivered.

This creates tremendous confusion because now you're thinking that the package is late, didn't arrive on time, or you're starting to wonder if they shipped it to the correct address. So, you wait a day or so but the package or shipment still never arrives.

So now you get worried or angry and you call FED EX, UPS, USPS or DHL and start asking what the hold up is with your shipment. But they check their records and tell you that your package was left on your doorstep or front porch the day prior.

You tell them "that's impossible" because I was here all day or I only went to the supermarket and was gone for just 20 minutes. Then, they give you the tracking number and tell you to look it up online to see for yourself that the shipment is complete and that they did in fact put the package safely on your doorstep.


How can you stop or prevent packages from being stolen off of your front porch?

Well, this is the part where it gets fun. Why? Because this is where it turns into "you against them." Don't get your hopes up too high that this will be an easy battle.

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Remember, most criminals don't work all day (unlike you - because you're an honest citizen with a job) - so this means that they have more time to steal from you than you do to catch them in the act.


Package or shipment theft: 7 Creative ways to prevent it.

So you'll have to play it smart and really look at what is happening in your specific situation. Just off the top of our heads, this is a list of things we would do if this "package theft" thing was happening to us:

Be home to personally pick up or sign for your package.

1.  Try and be home for each and every delivery that comes to your house and meet the delivery person at your front door. This is not always possible, but it is the most secure and assured way to safely get your package.

Call your local carrier to set up your package delivery.

2.  Call your local hub (UPS, FED EX, USPS, DHL, etc.) and speak with them. Set up an agreement to where they NEVER leave a package at your address if you are not there to receive the package in person.

3.  Surprisingly, in the situation above, you'll find that they will work with you to set up some kind of an arrangement. Or, they may tell you that they're just too busy to do that for you, but that they will HOLD each and every package to your address and notify you by phone that you can come and pick it up at their office.

Work with your neighbors to stop package theft.

4.  Start working together with a trusted neighbor to stop package theft between your two houses. Or throw in a few more close neighbors into the mix and set up a plan that works for all of you. For instance, if you know that you're receiving a shipment on Wednesday morning, because you've followed the tracking information, then print out the tracking info and give a copy of it to your neighbor. Tell them to please watch for the delivery on that day and that they have your permission to pick it up and to keep it at your house until you get home from work.

Get a hidden camera to watch your front porch.

5.  This one is right up our alley because that is what we do. We sell some of the best hidden spy cameras on the market today. However, please note that even in the videos above, the packages are being stolen right off people's front porch even though they have a camera system. So, it's fair to say that a camera system might not keep a person from trying to steal your package, but it will help to identify their face or their car or their clothing so that the police can catch them later.

Cameras we'd use to catch a thief on our front porch

    6.  The outdoor rock, power stake, electrical box, power adapter, or bird house hidden camera. They're easy to set up, they capture high quality video, and they don't look anything like a security camera: Click an image below to see them...

      outdoor landscape rock hidden camera     electrical box hidden camera    Power stake hidden outdoor security camera     bird house outdoor hidden security camera    

       Get an inexpensive FAKE SECURITY CAMERA to put on your porch.

      7. That's right, maybe you don't have the money to shell out for a full blown hidden spy camera that can watch your home day and night. That's why we sell inexpensive and affordable hidden cameras

      fake camera to catch packages stolen from front porch
       catch thieves on front porch or driveway

      catch thieves stealing packages from your front yard, driveway or porch

      catch thieves stealing packages from your house


      In the end, it will be up to you as to how you go about stopping criminals or petty thieves from stealing deliveries that are sent to your house.

      Sometimes, just having a little bit more security (like a fake camera staring at them) is enough to make them go away and pick on someone else for the day.

      Whatever you do, be sure to take a good look around our site ( and you're sure to find just the right security and surveillance products to help you find a solution.

      Thanks for stopping by - protect yourself - and enjoy our site!

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