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Cyberbullying, bullies, or being bullied in general - it's a very touchy subject, but I'll hit it head on as usual. Bullying has been going on since time began and it is a form of "intimidation" that one person (or a group of people) use to push another person around. It can be either in a mental or physical capacity - but it hurts all the same regardless of the bullying tactics used.

Hopefully, I'll approach it from a viewpoint that you have not thought about before reading this today.

I'll start with a plea and request for your forgiveness as I write this blog post. As a company, Spy-Tronix has held off from writing on this topic, (Cyberbullying) in the past because there are a lot of questions and uncertainties about it in our society.

I ask for your forgiveness because more than likely, at times, I'll just be very blunt and write exactly what is on my mind about Cyberbullying, bullies, and being bullied in general. Well, quite frankly, we feel that bullies are the weakest form of the human species that there is on record.

Legal Note: As with everything we say or refer you to on our site - don't take our word for it because we're not lawyers. Instead, you should always ask an attorney in your local area, state or city to see what your limits are when it comes to using our products, following our advice, or when attempting to properly document bullies.

  • Usually, city, state or federal websites will have devoted pages or sections to help citizens fight or report bullying.
  • See the Kentucky State website here.
  • Even the American Bar Association breaks down laws regarding the cyber bully issue: See them here.
  • There is even an entire website research center here: Cyberbullying Research Center   /  Where you can get a lot of statistics, facts, examples and ways to deal with bullying.
  • Even attorneys in local areas or states are establishing legal teams for bullying of all kinds. See this Arizona attorney site.
  • Montana is thought of as a fairly slow and quiet state when it comes to crime, but even the Montana State Attorney General has a page and section dedicated to cyberbullying.

There are 1,000s of Google Searches for Cyberbullying related content.

However, if you look at the information in those search results, you'll see that many of it is recycled content that is very similar to content found on other sites.

Cyberbullying is a fairly new concept - but bullies of all kinds have been around since time began. However, with this being said, cyberbullying offers a completely new approach to dealing with it that everyone seems to be missing.

We've read 100s of blogs, government websites, "stop - bullying" campaigns, etc. - but all of them neglect to pass off this one special technique that parents and their children should be doing. In fact, teachers should be teaching this in classes at school and the word about this special technique to stop bullying should be getting around America in masses - or it should be going "viral" at warp speed if you will.



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Here's the secret: Document Cyberbullying at all costs!

This one thing, just this one element, is what will separate our version of "stopping bullies" from all of the others out there that we've seen. We're a "spy and security shop" - and we've seen hundreds and thousands of customers solver their problems because they had "great documentation - evidence - and proof."

It's that simple; if you do not have evidence, documentation and proof of a situation - problem - or incident - then it just as well had never happened. When it boils down to just your word against they bully's word (and their swarm of friends willing to lie for them), then you're all but defeated before you ever start your fight.

  • You'll never win the fight against cyberbullying if you're not properly documenting what is going on.
  • You need hard-hitting proof and evidence of the situation to get anyone to listen to your side of the story.
  • You need audio, video, screen shots, written statements, etc.
  • If you do not have proof of your cyberbullying incident or ordeal - then you'll never win.
  • ...and if you don't have what it takes to "win" - then it may never stop.

Don't worry, you're here at "Spy-Tronix" and we know how to help our customers get proof. Our products quickly and easily get evidence that you can use to support your case or your side of the story.

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If you keep reading this blog post, you'll see that we truly care, that we've done our homework, and that we have thought out this process to give EVERYONE the best fighting chance to "stop the bullyingg" they are enduring as quickly as possible.

We'll talk about our products that can get the best covert results and land some hard hitting evidence on your side of the table, but we're also going to talk about ways you can use the Internet, your computer, and your mobile devices to build a strong case against your bullies.


The best ways to document bullies...

Well let's see...  Some miserable bastard has gone out of their way to taunt you, to make you live your life in agony, to hurt your feelings, to make you look bad in front of your friends, family, co-workers, classmates or peers - or even make you look bad in front of strangers.

Hhhhmmm... We'd say that's a total GLOVES OFF type of situation. This means that you should do everything in you to crush them once and for all so that they not only stop bullying you - but also so that they stop bullying anyone else in their future.

Remember, at Spy-Tronix, over 70% of our staff are retired military veterans so we take our security very seriously. We don't take kindly to people messing around with our families, our friends, or ones that we love. Bullies are as old as the day is long. But the COWARDS we now call "cyberbullies" - have the ability to HIDE behind a keyboard, behind a cell phone, and they can do their dirty deeds without ever confronting the ones they are bullying.

Just because we said "Gloves are off!" - does not mean that we're advocating "violence' to stop bullying. No, not at all. But if you thoroughly "document your bullies and their every move against you" then your chances of bringing it to a quick and decisive victory for you are very good.

IMPORTANT: We'll get back to documenting bullying situations lower in this post - but we'll take a quick "recess" if you will - and look at why you shouldn't use violence as a way to stop bullying.

Violence to stop violence - usually leads to "more violence."

You see, you cannot just fight bullying with violence because it can start a vicious circle and chain of events that will eventually come back around to you. For example:

  • You call me a bad name, I call you a bad name, you call me a string of bad names and then I push you into the wall.
  • You call me 10 more bad names as you lunge off of the wall and punch me in the nose.
  • I poke you in the eyes like the Three Stooges and then try and try to choke you with my bare hands.

  • You kick my legs out from under me and we both tumble to the dirt.
  • I grab you by the ears and try slamming your head against the ground.
  • But then you pick up a rock and slam it against my head.
  • Then one of your friends jumps in - and two of my friends jump in.

  • Then your friend pulls out a knife - then my friend pulls out a gun.
  • Then three of your friends drive by in a car shooting pistols out the window while yelling obscenities.
  • Then eight of my friends drive by blazing and mowing down innocent bystanders with automatic weapons in an armored vehicle.

You see what we're saying here? Violence usually breeds violence so you need to due your best to avoid it whenever you encounter a bullying situation in life....unless it's in self-defense and you have no other choice. The days of normal "fist-fights" are long gone. You could beat a kid up at school today and feel real proud of yourself. However, if you read the news at all - you'd know that sometimes they come back with a gun the next day. It's just not worth it.

In fact, watch the video below and see what interjecting with violence can do to you - even if you're not the one that was initially getting bullied. In the end of the video, the three suspects were busted and faced felony charges - because they were DOCUMENTED on video. Had it been only their word vs. the former Marine that they beat - the results could have been much different in favor of the suspects.

Viewer's Note: There is violence, a little bit of language, and blood in this video - please watch it at your own risk.

You need to realize that if you can successfully document the situation - quickly and accurately - in chronological order - then you have a better chance of getting people to listen and to take your side of the story.

By simply providing them with proof and documented evidence - you're pretty much forcing them to take your side of the story as being the truth.

For instance, if you take your bullying situation to an attorney for help - they'll more than likely start by asking "What kind of proof do you have?"  So you might as well get your proof and evidence early on, because that is what will make all of the difference in the end.

Battling Bullies in Ender's Game: The way you win matters!

Okay, have you seen the movie Ender's Game with Harrison Ford, Ben Kingsley, and Asa Butterfield? Or have you really been sleeping under a rock? No, I'm kidding and I don't mean to offend you, but if you have not seen Ender's Game...then do so right away.

Ender's Game is an absolute awesome and unique movie - it's clean, too...meaning that there is no garbage in it. The story is so good that it doesn't need the garbage you find in most hollywood movies with no storyline.

Anyways, without giving away or spoiling the movie, Ender (Asa Butterfield) is the chosen one that can save our society from the bad guys. He's gifted in strategy - battle scenarios - etc..

The problem is that his brother and sister have already tried to be a leader, but they both fell short of the task. His sister was too nice and his brother was to aggressive; Ender must find a way to fall right in the middle of his siblings if he is to succeed in his mission.

  • He has to use his head.
  • He has to be smarter than the enemy. (and the bullies)
  • But he must also have "compassion" for his enemy. (and he also does for his bullies - to some extent)

ender's game blue-ray and dvd on

Ender is a great and level headed kid, but don't push him too far; don't try and bully him. You see, like all of us, Ender has a bit of a dark side that surfaces when he is in battle or when he is getting bullied. You'll see him deal with a few different bullies throughout the movie and you'll like the way that he does it.

We'll stop right there and let you decide for yourself when you see the movie. - So let's get back to documenting your bully using resources you already have in front of you.

Document Bullies: Smartphones, Computers, the Internet, Paper, Hidden Cameras, Spy Audio Recorders

Okay, if you've been following us so far, then you know that we favor documenting to violence when it comes to stopping bullying. Not that we don't want to punch the daylights out of theses bullies, but that just keeps the problem going and it can get more and more dangerous for you in the long run.

So let's talk about different ways that you can effectively document your bullies.

Use your Smartphone or Tablet to fight bullies:

  • Your cell phone can take still images or pictures

It's simple, power ON your Smartphone, go to your camera App and start snapping high-definition images of the bullying situation. Your camera more than likely has a time and date stamp on every picture - so you'll have great proof and evidence of what happened, where it happened, when it happened, and who was there at the time.

If people don't want to help you and be a witness to your situation - take a picture of them because your attorney can summon them later if they are needed in a court of law.

Even if you are sitting in front of a computer - snap a picture of the computer screen or make an audio recording and describe what took place.

For example: You see nasty Facebook (or other online) comments about you on your computer. Take a video or audio recording of the situation while saying - "Today is August 15th, Tuesday at 10:30am. I logged into my Facebook account to post a picture of my new puppy and I found 3 bad comments about me. The first comment says this.......and it is from the user name.........  and they posted it at....... time   /  The second comment.........  /  The third comment........  /   I do know who the first person is, but the other two people are strangers to me. This could mean that person "A" - has spread this misinformation about me to person's "B" and "C"......."  - or something like that.

Important note about documenting data online: You'll want to document with great detail and with as much information as you can about your bullying situation. You'll also want to do it very fast - just in case the bully has second thoughts and quickly deletes their nasty comments.

  • Anything you can get as far as details, times, dates, names, etc.... of the incident will help you to fight your case in the long run.

You'll also want to save and make copies (or print out as well) any bullying email that you get because email always has a message header in it that links it back to the person or the email account of the bully that sent it to you. The email service provider, whether it is Yahoo - Google - Verizon - ATT - etc., will always be able to tell you who sent the email as long as you have an original copy of it.

If you get the harassing email sent to your Smartphone, then forward it and resend it to your home computer so you have the ability to save it to a file and also to print a copy of it so that you keep good written documentation of the bullying incident.

  • Your Smartphone can take full color video or audio of the bullies

Just like in above, taking still images with your Smartphone, you'll simply need to choose the video option for your camera and start recording. More than likely, your camera will record audio along with your video - so you're really capturing to great kinds of evidence at once.

Important Note for Parents: We realize that Smartphones can be expensive, not everyone has them yet, and they might be out of your monthly financial budget to purchase. However, if you or your child is facing a situation where they need evidence or proof of an unfair or bullying type of situation - then a Smartphone is well worth the monthly fees. Like our security products, it will quickly pay for itself as soon as you get the evidence and information you need from it.

  • Your cell phone can record video or audio of witnesses that know you have been bullied

Like we said above in the still images bullet above, it never hurts to have a few good witnesses on your side. As soon as it is safe, in your bullying situation, use your cell phone to record interviews of witnesses and get them to describe that YOU were the victim. Get them to give a physical description or the name of the bully if the bullies should flee the scene. If they do not want to give you any comments or help you, then snap a picture of them so they can be summoned by your attorney should you need their witness statement in a court of law.

  • Your Smartphone might have GPS capability to mark the location of where the bullying took place

Some Smartphone or cell phone plans come with GPS capability (global positioning system) - that can pinpoint and document the exact location of the bullying incident.

Right here, on Wikipedia, is a list of phones with assisted GPS capability

AppleBlackBerry (RIM) BlackJack Dell E-TEN ESCORT Google Hewlett Packard (HP) HTC  Huawei

Those are just a sample 1/3rd of the phones with GPS that are covered on that Wikipedia page. Here's a video below that explains all of this for you...

  • Use your Smartphone to take screen shots of the bullying comments if it is posted somewhere on the internet

 We've already discussed this topic a little higher in this section. But the important thing is to remember that you want to document each piece of evidence or proof of bullying in as many ways as you can.

Example: Yes, you received an email from a bully. Well, you should print it out if you can - if not - then send it to your PC where you can print it. Take a screen shot of it and save the screen shot (read about screen shots lower on this page).

Send the email to someone who is acting as your witness so that they can also keep a record of it for you - even if it is a different computer in the same house. Or if you get a bullying email on your Smartphone, forward the email to your parents or legal guardian - or maybe even a teacher that you trust.

  • Use your cell phone or computer to bookmark pages or websites where the social or cyberbullying took place

Bookmarks are great! - They can help you easily go back to the exact page where the bullying incident took place. Just remember that most web browsers will allow you to organize your bookmarks, download your bookmarks, import or export, etc. - Be sure to use all of those available methods of working and organizing your bookmarks so that you know where everything is and you can get to it quickly. You can also download your bookmarks and save them to a file - so that you can send them to your attorney if he or she needs them.

  • Use applications or Apps with your Smartphone to help you get the information that you need

Spy-Tronix features a large selection of high quality cell phone, Smartphone, Tablet, PC, Android, and iOS spy software that can let you use your cell phone in ways you never thought possible. See them here.

Amazon also has a lot of useful apps for your Smartphone and tablets.

  • Get creative, your cell phone can help you do incredible things when it comes to getting proof or evidence

Above, we've shown you how just your cell phone, Smartphone, or tablet can be used to gather and to document good and hard-hitting evidence about your bullying situation. Just make sure that you always use your cell phone in a lawful manner and make sure that your attorney agrees that you are using it correctly.


Document Bullies with your computer or the internet

We've covered this fairly well above when we mentioned ways that you can document bullies with your cell phone. Many of the same tactics can apply to your computer as well.

  • Take screen shots with your computer

Taking screen shots with your computer is so very easy to do. In fact, right now you can press the "Print SCRN" button on your keyboard and you will have just taken a screen shot of this page. Your computer has saved the image to your "clipboard" and now it is there waiting for you to paste it into an image application or similar program.

Then, all you have to do is to open up your PAINT (or similar image program) and click on the "PASTE" button in the upper left hand corner of the Paint program window. You'll then see your entire screen "shot" appear and you can save this file to somewhere on your computer. Screen shots are great for proof or evidence and attorneys absolutely love them for that reason.

Another trick is to double click on your "time or clock" in the lower right hand of your computer's screen and a window should pop up that allows you to set or change the time and date on your computer. Now, move this "time" window to where it will not block the data you need for your screen shot. Then take a screen shot and you'll have your TIME AND DATE window inside of your screen shot - which further ads proof as to when the picture was taken and saved.

Here's a video with a few different ways to take screen shots on a Windows 8 PC.

  • Make file folders for all of your bullying documents

Ahhh... Computers - everything with computers is about "organization" and all of the tools to keep your computer organized are all around you. But sometimes, we let our computers get messy - cluttered - disorganized - and then you can't find anything on it and nothing seems to work right. The video below shows you how to control basic files and folders on your computer - it's from

A good way to organize your computer folders for a bullying incident might be like this:

a good way to document bullies on your computer

  • Make file folders for all of your bully related email documents - see image above and the video above...

Basically, your computer will let you have almost unlimited file folders on your computer. The folders themselves do not take up hardly any computer space or memory, but they are a great way to organize your data and information as you document your bullying case. Remember, if you can't find your information - you can't use your information.

  • Backup your documents to an external hard drive to keep them safe.

After you've spent time and effort to properly document your case, you're going to want to make sure it stays safe. You do not want to accidentally delete it; nor do you want a virus to infect your computer and cause you to lose your information for which you've worked so hard to gather.

For this task, you can use some form of an "external backup" device. External means (not inside of your computer) - so the information is stored - outside of your computer...but you still have access to it when you need it. The main purpose is that if something catastrophic happens to your computer - you'll still have your information on your external backup device.

best external back up device memory storage hard drive

This video (below) shows you how to backup your data with the use of an external hard drive...


The Internet is usually where most of this Cyberbullying is happening

...if not on your Smartphone - but we've covered Smartphones higher on this page.

Most popular social websites keep good track of what is going on, they know who is contacting who, what they said or posted, and they can usually link a user account with the real name of the person that is doing the posting or sending. They may not be able to tell you who it really is for legal reasons, but if your attorney should need or require that information he or she can go through the court system and get a court order for release of that specific data.

If you're getting hate email on your computer - save each and everyone of them - file them well - and then save them as a file and back them up on an external hard drive so that you don't accidentally delete or lose them. Spy-Tronix sells a great and easy to use data recovery tool should you ever accidentally lose information on your computer.

Another thing you should consider for your online accounts is having REALLY STRONG passwords and be sure NOT to use the same password for all of your accounts. If the bullies know your account Username or your email address used for that account, then they are only a few letters away from guessing your password and gaining illegal access to your account.

If you think bullies are really bad, then just imagine what they'll do when they get full access into your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest account. That's why we always suggest using a great password manager tool like Sticky Password to make sure your personal and private online accounts stay secure.


Did we say "Use Paper to Document?"

You bet we did. Paper is still a great form of documentation despite all of the digital technology around us. The nice thing about having a back up of your documentation on paper is that "paper can't be hacked." - Sure, it can get wet, it can burn, or you can physically lose it - but it doesn't take much effort to take good care of your paper documentation and to put it in a safe place.

Besides, your attorney is going to love you if you keep good paper files on your bullying situation. It's one of the first things your attorney will ask you for when you walk in the door. "Where's your proof - do you have anything on paper?" - is what you will more than likely hear.

You see, if you don't play your cards right and really document your "digital proof" with great care. The attorney for your bully might try to say that you "digitally modified" or "tampered with" the digital proof or evidence. After all, it's very easy to use inexpensive software to modify, change, or edit audio and video recordings.

That's why documenting on paper is such a powerful form of evidence.


Hidden Security Cameras and Voice Recorders

Well, we're wrapping up this very important blog post and we hope that you've gotten something out of it today. We'll finish off with the topics we know best, but we'll keep it short because there's a lot of other information on our site that describes the products we're about to mention.

Why does Spy-Tronix sell to Private Investigators, Detectives, Police agencies, Government agencies, etc.? Well, if you think about it, those are the kinds of professionals that NEED PROOF ON A DAILY BASIS - and they make up a very large percentage of our customers.

They come to us because we have the mini covert voice recorders and the tiny all-in-one cameras that make their job easier. They know that we have good prices, free shipping offers, and nine times out of ten there is also a coupon or big special going on at Spy-Tronix.

Again, we're going to keep this short and sweet for now, but if you look at (and click on) the images of the products below - you can see just how easily they can help you in your quest to document your bullying situation. Again, you must use our products within the limits of your local, state, and federal law - but a little creativity can go a long way with the spy, security, and surveillance products we sell on our site.

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Again, most "cyberbullying is done on the web or internet in "cyber space."  But if you ever need to confront your bully, then a good and covert voice recorder or mini spy camera will make you feel just like James Bond!


Cyberbullying incidents in the news or media

Cyber Bullying Stories: The  Megan Meier Case (1992 – 2006)

The Cyberbullying Story: In December 2007, Tina Meier founded the nonprofit Megan Meier Foundation. The non-profit was named in honor of Tina’s 13-year-old daughter who hanged herself in a bedroom closet in October 2006. Megan struggled with attention deficit disorder and depression in addition to issues with her weight.

About five weeks before her death, a 16-year-old boy named Josh Evans asked Megan to be friends on the social networking website MySpace. The two began communicating online regularly, although they never met in person or spoke on the phone. “Megan had a lifelong struggle with weight and self-esteem,” Tina said on the Foundation website. “And now she finally had a boy who she thought really thought she was pretty.” Read the full story here.


Documents Detail a Girl’s Final Days of Bullying

Phoebe Prince, the 15-year-old who killed herself after relentless taunting, spent her final days in fear of girls who had threatened to beat her up, according to the first official accounts released in a case in Massachusetts that gained wide attention last week, when six students were charged with felonies.

Bill Evans, the assistant principal of South Hadley High School, spoke with parents on Monday after nine students were indicted. Phoebe Prince, 15, a freshman at South Hadley High School in western Massachusetts, hanged herself in January. Her family had recently moved from Ireland.

The documents were prepared by the district attorney for the Northwestern District in Massachusetts in support of charges against three 16-year-old students. They provide the first detailed accounts of verbal abuse and physical threats that prosecutors say were heaped upon Ms. Prince right up to the afternoon of Jan. 14, when she walked home crying and hanged herself from a stairwell.


Cyberbullying statistics from the Megan Meier Foundation Website

Cyberbullying has negative effects on victims, such as lowering self-esteem, increasing depression and producing feelings of powerlessness (Anderson, Bresnahan, & Musatics, 2014).

Among overweight adolescents, 61% have received mean or embarrassing posts online and 59% have received mean texts, e-mails or instant messages (Anderson, Bresnahan, & Musatics, 2014).

Because the National Crime Victimization Survey data is weighted to represent the entire enrolled 9th-12th grade student population, it is estimated that about 2.2 million students experienced cyberbullying in 2011. Of the 9% of students that reported being cyberbullied in the National Crime Victimization Survey compared to 6.2% in 2009 (National Center for Education Statistics [NCES], 2013):

  • 71.9% reported being cyberbullied once or twice in the school year
  • 19.6% reported once or twice a month
  • 5.3% reported once or twice a week

When asked about cyberbullying in the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCES, 2013):

  • 3.6% of students reported being cyberbullied with hurtful information on the internet
  • 1.1% reported private information being purposely shared
  • 1.9% reported unwanted contact via e-mail

Of the students that reported cyberbullying (Zweig, Dank, Lachman & Yahner, 2013):

  • 25% of teens on social media reported having an experience resulting in a face-to-face confrontation with someone.
  • 13% reported concern about having to go to school the next day.
  • 12% reported being called names they didn’t like via text messages.
  • 11% received a text message from another student intended to hurt their feelings.


Resources and information on Bullying and Bullies

  • Stop
    This website, managed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, provides information from various government agencies on what bullying is, what cyberbullying is, who is at risk, and how you can prevent and respond to bullying.
    This comprehensive child health website for parents, created by the American Academy of Pediatrics, presents Bullying: It's Not OK , a page with information about bullying and how to help children who are victims of bullying or are bullies themselves.
  • MedlinePlus’s page on bullying offers many resources relevant to this topic.


We wish you all the best in your Cyberbully and bullying situations. Remember to DOCUMENT your situation very well - and the world will be on your side!

Take care,

The Staff at

America's Favorite Spy Warehouse


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