5 Top Selling Spy and Security Cameras

mini small tiny - covert - hidden spy cameras - people need them for different reasons

Lots of people need spy cameras and video during their busy day.

It never fails, some of our best selling and popular high-tech mini cameras are also some of our more affordable cameras. That's what keeps our loyal customers coming back to Spy-Tronix year after year. Times are changing and so are basic needs for security.

There's no better way to get proof or evidence than to have crisp and sharp video to tell your story for you. It's a horrible thing when an important event or incident turns into a battle of "he said vs. she said" - but when you have clear video footage and proof on your side - it is very hard to argue the facts!

We sell our security equipment and mini cameras to all kinds of people and business professionals around America:

  • Moms and Dads especially buy our cameras to watch over their homes when they're away and to see what's going on when they're not around.
  • We also sell our mini cameras and voice recorders to attorneys and lawyers. They use them to record their client conversations, meetings, and to have verbal proof of what is being said in their offices.
  • We've sold to professional baseball and basketball stars (professional athletes in general) and the Los Angeles Dodgers once purchased a lot of our UV ink pens because of a theft problem that was going on in the locker rooms. For that purchase, we didn't take their money, but we did barter with their purchasing agent for a bunch of free L.A. Dodger hats and official jerseys. :)

los angeles dodgers official jersey

  • We sell heavily to private investigators, detectives, and fraud investigators. A lot of times it is an insurance fraud investigator or investigative agencies inside of different state government systems.
  • There are many more types of people and professions that we sell our spy cameras and equipment to - but you get the idea by now.

Therefore, it's important for us to keep a large inventory of cameras in stock because we have so many people that come to us with different video recording needs. I mean it, we've seen it all over the years and not much surprises us any more. So don't worry about what your video recording needs may be, because chances are very good that someone has been in the same situation before you.

Reasons why you might need to use a spy or security camera:

  • We have parents and homeowners that come to us because they need to see what their kids are doing around the house during summer vacation or when they get home from school. Can you imagine finding the X-Boyfriend rummaging around in your refrigerator or sitting on your sofa with his feet on your coffee table?  ...Especially after you told your daughter not to see him again.
  • We have private investigators that have been shopping with us for years. You can imagine the many reasons they have for needing a covert and feature loaded mini camera. Private investigators and detectives need cameras that can get the job done right the first time, that are easy to use, and that can go from the OFF position to recording live video in just seconds. We give them what they want and we've been doing it for years on end.
  • We had a United States Air Force mechanic that knew other maintenance people and crew chiefs were taking short cuts in their work. However, as serious as that may sound to you - that people would not perform aircraft maintenance properly or safely, as he went up his chain of command to make a formal complaint he was met with a lot of resistance and a sort of "where's your proof" type of scenario. So, we helped him decide on the right camera for the job and he was able to get up close and hands-free video of people taking shortcuts and talking about falsifying maintenance records. Needless to say, we helped him get proof in a very sticky situation and the Air Force let him pick his next duty station as a way of thanking him for his integrity and fortitude to stand up for what was right.

air force crew chief example

  • Our mini cameras have also helped many bosses or small business owners in their day to day happenings. Here's one that we know turned out in the best interest of the business owner: A man wrote into our Contact Us form and said that "He was a big man with a loud and strong voice and some of his employees were afraid of him when he would confront them about various on-the-job incidents or maybe catching them being lazy on the job." He said that he had to counsel another man (employee) over his poor work ethics, but the man went running out of his office saying that this boss had physically pushed and grabbed him in a violent manner behind closed doors. So after purchasing one of our mini spy cameras that we recommended, he called the man back into his office to complete the counseling session and he tried the same game of saying that the boss was physically assaulting him - but this time - the boss had proof that he never touched the guy because he was wearing our bodyworn mini pinhole lens camera kit. Enough said; we came through again with flying colors and we gained a customer for life!
  • Let's not forget the simple daily issues that might cause you to get a good security camera or portable bodyworn camera - just watch the video below. You'll see how one person, that lived in a nice and clean gated community - had to resort to a security camera just to see who's dog had been pooping in his yard. Yes, some irresponsible dog owner was throwing bags of poop into a nice clean landscaped yard and this guy caught him in the act with a security camera.

In the video above, this man actually got invited to ABC news to share his story and his video has about 60 thousand views on YouTube. Again, there's nothing like a little proof to put you in charge of a situation. If you're having a problem with a neighbor leaving poop on the lawn, these four outdoor all-in-one hidden security cameras will do the trick - then you can create your own YouTube viral video.

no dog poop yard stake camera and landscape rock camera

 covert outdoor hidden security and surveillance cameras     covert outdoor hidden security and surveillance cameras

covert outdoor hidden security and surveillance cameras     covert outdoor hidden security and surveillance cameras

covert outdoor hidden security and surveillance cameras     covert outdoor hidden security and surveillance cameras

covert outdoor hidden security and surveillance cameras     covert outdoor hidden security and surveillance cameras



Let's see our 5 Top-Selling Mini Spy Cameras...

30 years ago, you couldn't find a mini hidden camera that could fit in the palm of your hand. Like the ones shown in the image below, the cameras yesterday were big, bulky, you needed two hands to operate them, and you couldn't sneak up on someone with a camera - nor could you stand in front of them with a camera without them being able to see it clearly.

Now, these days, you can go to the Spy-Tronix $99 Dollars or Less page and find a ton of mini cameras that will not only fit in the palm of your hand, but they come with crisp video and audio recording - with other bells and whistles. Really, you can find some incredible deals on tiny or small spy cameras - you can even get free shipping for orders over $75. That's not bad at all - and we always have coupons and special sales for one product or another.

There's no room for second rate spy gear when you really need to get proof or evidence. Sometimes, you may only get one chance to get the video or audio that you need. If you blow your chance and miss the information - it can really ruin your day in a hurry.


Best Selling Mini Spy Camera #1: Thumb-Size Voice Activated Camera

mini voice activated spy camera dvr   thumb-size small spy dvr cheap affordable

This tiny covert camera is about the same size as your thumb and it is voice activated too! What does that mean, it means that it is smart enough to sit quietly while NOT recording video, but when it hears a sound that is above the built-in sound decibel level - it will begin to record.

As long as it still hears the sound - it will keep recording video with audio. But when the sound goes away, it will stop recording and wait to hear a sound again.


Best Selling Mini Spy Camera #2: Motion Activated Micro Camera

This mini camera is really small (see image below) and it is also motion activated. Yes, it can sit quietly in the standby mode until it sees the pixels change in the lens - and then it will begin to record. When the motion stops, the camera will cease to record and sit quietly until it senses motion again.

Best Selling Mini Spy Camera #3: Recluse XT - Extra Tiny Spy Camera

This next mini camera is a favorite of ours because it is so thin you can hide it in just about anything and you can sometimes hide it in plain site of your target. It's our Recluse XT - Recluse Extra Tiny, it's easy to use, and it can get you loads of great proof or evidence in thousands of covert situations.

Relcuse extra tiny RT hidden video camera

Best Selling Small Camera #4: USB Flash Drive Camera + Recorder

This is a little beast of a camera. It's as big as a normal USB Flash Drive memory stick and it has both audio and video in one small package. You simply insert the Micro SD Card into the tiny slot by the USB connector, turn the power ON, and then you can operate both covert audio and/or video in just a few button presses.

It boasts an extra long battery life of up to 25 hours for audio recording and 4.5 hours of video recording. It fits in your pocket, purse, briefcase, backpack, and you can record audio or video without anyone having a clue as to what you're doing!

camera recorder usb flash drive with long battery life

camera recorder combo usb flash drive spy device


Best Selling Small Camera #5: USB Flash Drive Motion Activated Camera

Oh, yes, last but surely not least. We've sold this little USB Flash Drive Spy Camera by the truckload on a weekly basis - for years on end! It has great video quality and it is fully motion activated if you need it. We've taken it to many public places to record stealth video and no one has ever had a clue that we were recording. See the pictures and the video below or go to the main product page by clicking here.

usb flash drive mini small hidden tiny spy device dvr

usb flash drive mini small hidden tiny spy device dvr


So, there you have it, the top five mini cameras that start in the $50 to $60 dollar range, they can hold up to 16GBs of data, they only have a few buttons to operate them, and they're loaded with high-tech and easy to use features.

Truly, if you've never really treated or spoiled yourself by getting a mini hidden spy camera that you can take with you where ever you go - you need to just go for it and get one today!


The mini and hidden spy cameras on the market today will blow your mind.

They are so much better than the mini cameras that were available to us 10 years ago. I'm serious, some of the cameras on the market today are not much bigger than a quarter and most of them are about the same size as your thumb.

At Spy-Tronix, we hand-pick all of our mini covert cameras with the utmost of care and scrutiny. We sell to law enforcement and private investigators every day of the week - so we really cannot afford to sell "yesterday's" spy cameras.

Mini voice activated spy camera dvr - video - audio

We like to make sure that our cameras are multi-purpose in the way that they operate - just as much as we like to make sure that they are "easy to operate."

Most of our cameras can go from the complete OFF state - to a fully recording video and audio - stealth spy state - in just a click of a button or two.

By "multi-purpose" we mean that not only are our mini cameras exceptionally small and easy to use, but we include great features like motion activation, voice activation, video with audio recording and extra long battery life recording as standard features.

In future blog posts, we'll go deeper into the many reasons that you may want a mini hidden spy camera and the multitude of benefits and recording applications they offer.

Whether for personal or professional use - your home or in your office - for watching your pets or your babysitter - we've got a little affordable camera just for you.


Thanks for stopping by - protect yourself - and enjoy our site!


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