Old School Tape - Cassette Players vs. New Spy-Tronix Digital Voice Recorders

Okay, this blog post is being written for all of those people that have never spoiled themselves with a new digital voice recorder before. Digital voice recorders totally blow away the old fashioned tape recorders.

Technology has come a long way and now some voice recorders are the size of your thumb. In contrast, the older and more bulky tape or cassette recorders were sometimes as big as a box of tissue or even a loaf of bread.

old fashioned cassette tape recorder

We're not kidding, not too many years ago (and we know some still have them) people were walking around with tape recorders that nearly weighed a pound. (Like the one shown in the image above.)

If you put one of them on your desk at work, someone from across the room could easily see it and hear the buttons clanking around. Not only that, but there was absolutely no way of hiding it because it was just so big.

Now, you can buy a mini spy voice recorder that is a fraction of the size and only weighs one ounce... The fun part is that you can hide a Spy-Tronix voice recorder just about anywhere you can think of - and they're very easy to use.

Literally, with the slide of a switch (only one-button operation) the recorder will turn ON, a red light will begin to flash, and then all of the lights go out completely while the stealth spy device is silently recording.

new flash drive digital voice recorder

>> Also, even though this mini flash drive voice recorder is the about 1/30th the size of the prehistoric tape recorder higher on this page....

  • the sound quality on the flash drive recorder is better
  • the flash drive recorder comes with an 8GB memory
  • the big tape recorder could record for 120 minutes
  • the mini voice recorder can record for up to a week (not on one battery charge - but without running out of memory)
  • the mini voice recorder can be used like a flash drive (it can store your favorite PC files, images, etc.)
  • Spy-Tronix has the lowest prices around (no one beats our $99 or less page)
  • Spy-Tronix also has voice activated flash drive recorders - see below...

voice activated flash drive digital voice recorder

So, don't be shy; treat yourself to a high-tech and easy to use Spy-Tronix digital recorder. See how good it feels to know that you'll never miss an important conversation again.

Finally, don't worry, at Spy-Tronix - we do not put our name on the shipping box, the shipping label, and we never clog up your mail box with messy catalogs or mailings. We are one of America's oldest and largest spy shops - so we respect your privacy.

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