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Hey - Life happens - it gets messy!

If you've ever been in a sticky situation (which life can cause from time to time) and you feel like you're all alone in your quest - then spy and security gear just may be what you need to get out of your jam unscathed.

Why do we say this? Because we've seen it so many times over the years. We have customers that come to us in literal tears or rages of anger over a crisis in their life that they don't know how to handle.

  • sometimes it's a bad relationship between a husband and wife
  • sometimes it's a person that getting close to their wedding date but something doesn't feel right
  • we've had parents come to us because they're losing their kids to drugs
  • or maybe their kids are hanging out with the wrong crowd and they're on a downward spiral
  • we heard of apartment maintenance men breaking into rooms while the tenants are at work

Such as in this story where a maintenance man in Florida was stealing from the tenants: ST. PETERSBURG (FOX 13) - A maintenance worker in St. Petersburg is facing burglary and theft charges for stealing several antique firearms from tenants, according to the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office. Roberth Arroyave, 34, was arrested after attempting to sell two rifles from the 1800's to undercover detectives. The items, in addition to a cane with a dogs head for the handle, were reported missing from the Town Apartments, on 1900 61st Ave. North, where Arroyave is a maintenance worker.  "From last year of March 2014 up through February of this year, we essentially had three different burglaries to apartment units," said Cecilia Barreda, spokesperson for the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office.  Read more here...

Here's an entire page or two of Google Searches about maintenance men stealing from apartment residents

And here's a video for you where a former maintenance guy get's caught red-handed stealing medication from apartments.


  • we've had customer complain about getting robbed or ripped off from their hotel rooms

See our blog post on hotel theft here or read about it on Google by clicking here.

  • we have attorneys that need to record confidential meetings
  • bosses that need to record employee counseling sessions or job interviews or the other way around

Here's something similar that happened in Alaska:

In a famous recent case, several dozen waiters and dishwashers at New York's Boathouse restaurant, armed with miniature cassette recorders, secretly recorded hundreds of workplace conversations with supervisors when complaining about pay and working conditions. When the restaurant owner fired 16 of the workers, they produced multiple audiotape recordings on which the owner told employees he'd go out of business if they voted for a union. These tapes provided proof that the owner had violated federal labor laws.

Employers who don't want to allow employees to secretly tape them need to implement a company policy of zero tolerance for unauthorized audio or videotaping. This policy dissuades employees from recording conversations and serves as grounds for dismissal if they do. Employers in medical, law, financial, insurance, consulting and other fields have obvious patient and client confidentiality reasons to forbid recording.

Employees at the iconic Boathouse Restaurant in Central Park have been secretly taping their bosses. "These tapes and transcripts provide irrefutable proof that the Boathouse Restaurant has repeatedly violated federal labor laws," said Peter Ward, president of Local 6 of the hotel and restaurant workers union.


  • harassment on the job situations between men or women

It’s a question lawyers are receiving from clients with increasing regularity as cellphones with recording capabilities, smartphones, and other easily concealed recording devices become more prevalent. One estimate is that anywhere between 33 and 50 percent of employees now covertly record conversations with their bosses.

In 2011, an EEOC outreach manager estimated that as many as a third of the employees filing discrimination charges in his district office brought with them some form of digital evidence, whether audio or video recordings, as part of their initial evidence. Similarly, some lawyers representing employees say that at least half of their clients bring audio or video recordings to their initial consultation, and that they are more surprised when a potential client arrives at their office without such evidence.

  • we've had the FBI contact us to help them get information about a bad cop in Los Angeles

Here's a video where someone was stealing food from a police station's break room. This caused them to install a hidden camera and the criminal was captured immediately - just who it was might surprise you.


  • maybe someone is flat out getting railroaded at work and is in fear of losing their job
  • sometimes it's a domestic violence issue where proof is needed to use in a court of law

SOUDERTON — A Telford man whose wife, police said, provided officers with a lengthy sound recording she secretly made earlier this year of her husband allegedly assaulting her in front of their young children waived preliminary hearings Wednesday in both that case and another case in which he allegedly assaulted his wife in September.

Caleb Daniel Myers, 24, also made an unsuccessful bid to move back into the couple’s home on the 100 block of North Third Street — from which he’s been barred per court order since his September arrest — despite his wife telling the judge that she wanted him to return.

Myers was arrested Sept. 22 and charged with simple assault and related offenses after his wife went to Telford police headquarters that night to report that Myers grabbed her, choked her, threw her to the ground, dragged her out the front door by her feet and locked her out of their residence, according to police.

Myers was arraigned Sept. 23 before District Judge Harold Borek of Lansdale, who set bail at $10,000 cash; Myers was briefly incarcerated at Montgomery County Correctional Facility before posting bond on Sept. 24.

In 2012, Gov. Tom Corbett signed into law an amended Pennsylvania Wiretap Act which, among its updates, allows for the disclosure of the contents of a secret recording of a “crime of violence” — recorded by a victim, witness or private detective — in court “on the condition that such disclosure is made for the purpose of providing exculpatory evidence in an open or closed criminal case.”

  • we've had customers that need to record issues between themselves and a neighbor
  • we've had parents of autistic kids that fear their children are being mistreated in school

Here's a video of a bus driver slapping an autistic boy in the back of a school bus. Somehow, he wasn't smart enough to turn off his own camera and he recorded himself abusing the child.

In general, we love what we do because we get to see and hear about direct results our products are getting for hard working and honest Americans across the country. That's all the reward that we need; we care about our customers, their lives, and whether they're being treated fairly or not.

After all, life is tough enough as it is without unfairness creeping in and messing up your world. So we do what we can to keep delivering high-tech and easy to use products that get you the results you need - that deliver the information you need to know.

In the remainder of this blog post, we'll highlight some of the memorable things we've seen and heard and you'll see why spy and security gear can be so valuable when used properly.

The value of spy gear around the house or home:

A single mom that writes in to tell us she found out her child was doing drugs and she never knew it. She purchased a phone recorder, connected it to her master bedroom wall jack and recorded the calls in her teenager's room.

She played back the recording to her daughter and it was first received with anger, but then quickly turned to tears and a healing between them after a few minutes of discussion.

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You may be facing problems in life and some of those problems may be due to "uncertainty" - because you're just not sure of where you stand in the situation. It can be with your boss or co-workers in your work environment. It can be going on at home with your relationship with your spouse or possibly even your children. It could be that someone you love is abusing the way they use their cell phone or computer and you need to find out exactly what they're doing.

Regardless of what exactly your product is - know that it will continue to be a problem for you until you hit it head on and find out what's really at the root of it. Knowing where you stand in life is a good place to be - and it helps you to sleep at night.

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But not knowing what is going on, like wondering if your children or teenagers have taken a turn for the worse in life - then you're going to pay the price if you continue to wait for a solution to present itself. Yes, either it will continue to drive you crazy because you don't know what's going on, or it could possibly hurt the other person if they are allowed to continue in the negative direction they're going.

That's why we sell products that get results - that's why we help our customers get the information that they need. We like knowing where we stand in life and we take every effort to make that a reality for our customers. If you're experiencing a problem mentioned somewhere on this page, then don't delay or procrastinate - take charge of the situation, today!


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The value of spy gear in professional matters:

An Air Force flight mechanic that knew about and reported faulty maintenance in his unit. Instead of solving the problem, his commanders quickly turned on him and did their best to silence him. He said "they wanted to keep their 'numbers' up."

They did their best to tarnish his career and set all the wheels in motion to get him out of the Air Force before he received his retirement (which was just two years away.)

But he had recorded evidence (video with audio) of the maintenance tampering and he recorded a conversation of his commanding officer threatening him behind closed doors.

He took his proof to (JAG - legal) and threatened to call the local news station. He was later called in by the commanding general of this large Air Force base and was told he would retire with no complications. He was honored for what he endured, the aircraft issues were fixed, and his two commanders were reprimanded and relocated to different bases.

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When it comes down to your word against another person's version of the same story - the person with the most PROOF and EVIDENCE will always win.

The Air Force situation above might sound familiar to you. You could be thinking about the Marine Corps Osprey scandal.

Note: Here's a little bit about it, but you should know that it was one soldier that brought this scandal to the world with the use of a single hidden voice recorder.

In 2001, Lieutenant Colonel Odin Lieberman, commander of the V-22 squadron at Marine Corps Air Station New River, was relieved of duty after allegations that he instructed his unit to falsify maintenance records to make the aircraft appear more reliable. A total of three USMC officers were later implicated as having played a role in the falsification scandal.  WASHINGTON — A Marine lieutenant colonel who was secretly taped telling his squadron to "lie" on maintenance records to burnish the image of the troubled V-22 Osprey aircraft and his immediate boss have been found guilty of misconduct, Marine sources said Friday.

Six other Marines--including Maj. Gen. Dennis T. Krupp, who had been charged with dereliction of duty--were cleared of charges during administrative hearings that ended Thursday afternoon.

In October 2007, Time Magazine ran an article condemning the V-22 as unsafe, overpriced, and completely inadequate; the Marine Corps responded by arguing that parts of the article's data were dated, obsolete, inaccurate, and reflected expectations too high for any new field of aircraft.

In 2011, it was reported by the controversial defense industry supported Lexington Institute that the average V-22 mishap rate per flight hour over the past 10 years was approximately half of the average accident rate for the USMC fleet; the V-22's accident rate was the lowest of any Marine rotorcraft. 

In 2011 Wired Magazine reported that the safety record was achieved by excluding ground incidents; the USMC responded that MV-22 reporting were to the same standards as other aircraft in the Department of the Navy.

You can read more about it here on the New York Times website...but again, remember, the scandal was was opened wide up by one person with a hidden voice recorder.

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The value of spy gear to large and small businesses:

A small business owner that could not find out how his deli meats were disappearing. Some of the meat logs were very expensive - along with blocks of fine cheese and bottles of wine.

He installed two hidden cameras over the weekend in those hot spots for theft and captured one of his most trusted employees in the act within the first week of surveillance.

The employee said that he felt underpaid for his years of working there and tried to justify the stealing of the food to compensate his feelings. He was reselling it at a discount to friends and family or anyone that could take it and didn't mind that it was putting his employee under.

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Loss Prevention - Shoplifting - Employee Theft at Work

That's what is truly incredible about employee theft in general: The low-life employee that is stealing from their boss (or the owner of the small business) is actually depending on the business for a paycheck, to put food on their table, and for to help pay their bills.

But then, they steal from the very business that is employing them and wonder why they get fired or they lost their job when the business can no longer afford to pay them.

Businesses have a lot of overhead and expenses to deal with, but when their own employees are stealing from them and increasing their out of pocket costs - the business owner has no choice but to start cutting their expenses. Somewhere - somehow - costs must be reduced to compensate for the money that the business is losing.

So naturally, they're going to start cutting employees or wages because those are usually a businesses largest and most common expenses.

So, excuse us but - "Duhhh" - if you steal from your employer you can not only go to jail if they catch you, but you are sure to lose your job at some point and then you'll no longer be getting a paycheck from your employer...which you don't deserve...because you're stealing from them in the first place.

Employee theft and shoplifting is a vicious and destructive cycle that ends up hurting both the business owner and the employee - and then, well, the prices will usually go up and hurt the consumer as well.

See our loss prevention gear here.

The value of spy gear in the workplace:

A lady was receiving distasteful comments in the break-room at work and she couldn't make the offensive male stop doing it.

She had a male boss that would not listen to her complaints and tried to silence her on more than one occasion because he was friends with the culprit.

She finally resorted to recording the conversations in the break-room and gathered over a month of derogatory comments from two separate male employees.

After playing back the recordings to her boss - all issues stopped immediately and other female employees thanked her for what she had done. See our mini and hidden voice recorders here.

Our spy and security gear is priceless as far as perceived value goes!

...And we'd have to agree with them because we've heard countless stories of victory like these over the years. Things like a wife finding out her husband of 26 years was cheating on her and texting back and forth with the other lady. - She wrote to us half angry and half relieved about her findings...but in the end she was thankful that she finally knew where she stood in the relationship.

In closing: Many of the things you buy these days are purchased on your perception of their perceived value. So we strongly urge you to think about situations in your life where you feel you are guessing, or you have a gut feeling, or something doesn't feel right, or you're being mistreated, or where your personal security is at risk...

Let 2015 be the year where you fix those situations once and for all and come out of it with a favorable victory! We're here to help you in many ways.

  • Take a good look around our site and see how easily our spy and security gear can solve your problems.
  • Take advantage of our free shipping specials, coupons and everyday low prices.
  • We wish you all the best in prosperity, peace and happiness this year!


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