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Over 87% of our first time customers become repeat customers!

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Well, you may be coming to our store for the first time and thinking "Wow - this is some pretty cool stuff." But it's nothing new to us because we've been dealing in "top of the line security, spy, and surveillance gadgets" pretty much since the internet began. In fact, we were selling online before Google became a search engine.

We were the first "Spy Shop" to bring many of the mainstream high-tech security gadgets online. We made a huge name for ourselves back in the early 2000s and we've pushed around many wannabe competitors over the years.

Our Security Products Make Excellent Gifts

Try it and see for yourself.... Nothing says you care for someone like when you give them a great security, surveillance or self-defense gift. Everyone has their own security issues, but solving that security issue for someone else lets them know that you put some time and consideration into their gift.

Whether it's mace pepper spray for kids in college, a stun gun for your wife or husband that works late hours and walks through dark parking lots, or a hidden voice recorder from our $99 or Less page to help someone stop harassment from an abusive individual at work - our products get results!

Our customer loyalty is very strong. We say this confidently because over 87% of our customers end up being "repeat" customers. That's a number we're fairly proud of in today's "sketchy" eCommerce world; it meas we're doing something right.

So why the big move and vast amount of security, surveillance, and spy products? Why are we shifting gears and widening our horizons as well as our product inventory?

  • Well, because selling cool spy and security equipment (gadgets) is flat-out contagious and we absolutely love doing it!
  • We love hearing feedback from our customers about how we've helped them solve problems in their lives or make their lives more secure and safe.
  • We like knowing that we've put pepper spray or a stun gun in thousands of hands of kids going off to college or moms that have to walk out to their parking lots at night.
  • We like knowing that we've made thousands of Americans feel more secure by providing security cameras for their homes or businesses.

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Know for sure what your kids are doing online...

Yes, it's been a total rush - selling the top spy, security, and surveillance gear in America for years on end. We're ready to push the limits with all new high-tech gadgets and new areas of our (your) lives or businesses.

So, hold on to your hats and join us as we begin to bring you even more high-tech security gadgets for all of the important areas of your life!  >> Don't worry, we'll be sure to offer the same low everyday prices, savings, coupons and great deals - just like we've been doing for years on end.

Thanks for stopping by - protect yourself - and enjoy our site!

America's Favorite Security Warehouse        


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