Mini Stick Security Video Camera - Pocket Video Camera

Easy to use - Fully Portable - Easy to hide - Stick Security Video Camera
Use it by itself or quickly build your own hidden video camera. Great for covert video!

  • A top-notch, covert, body-worn, mini camera that fits in the palm of your hand. Hidden security video and audio surveillance has never been so easy - in fact...too easy!
  • One of The World's Smallest Color Security Cameras....and we have the lowest price around.
  • Turn the power ON and begin recording within seconds!
  • Fits in the palm of your hand - or use the built-in clip to attach it to clothing, objects, or anywhere the clip will allow.
  • No external power needed, just charge it and go - never miss any action!
  • It is also great as a security surveillance camera, a must for parents, hobby enthusiasts such as snowboarders, or for body worn security surveillance at all levels of law enforcement.
  • Need answers? This mini security camera provides them! Capture the event in video and audio with just a two button presses!
Very user friendly: - no installation or drivers required - just plug and play.

Memory: Different sized memory options available above. You can use up to a maximum of a 16GB micro SD card with this High-Tech mini security camera!

You can even upload your videos to YouTube or to your Facebook page because they're already correctly formatted and ready to upload.

Note: The internal rechargeable battery is recharged via any USB connection or the optional Wall Charger sold above. Capable of recording from 30-45 minutes on a single charge.

  • Lens: 1/4 CMOS Pinhole
  • Storage: .AVI video file format / approx. 37 MBs per minute of video / 2.2 GBs of video per hour
  • Video Resolution: 640 x 480 (HIGH RESOLUTION MODEL)
  • Film speed: 30fps (REAL TIME VIDEO - NO LAG)
  • Takes still images: Yes
  • Audio: Only with Video
  • Power supply: Internal rechargeable LI-battery
  • Operating systems: Windows 98 or higher; Mac OS 8.6 or higher
  • Gain hard evidence! It's hard to dispute video and audio when you're caught red-handed.
  • Catch shoplifters or employee theft cold in their tracks.
  • Always be ready for candid video with friends, family, pets, road-rage, crime, iReports, etc.
  • See who's getting into your change drawer at home, who the kids are inviting over, or keep and eye on maintenance workers.
  • See who's going through your files at work or hear what's being said behind your back. Stop harassment on the job.
  • Easy to carry without lugging around a full-sized camera all of the time. Small, compact and easy to hide.
  • Put it in your pocket and know that it's always there when you need it. Surely, there's been more than a few occasions where you've wished you had a camera close by but didn't have one. Get the peace of mind you deserve and never miss important events or conversations again!
2GB Micro SD Card for Mini Camera (2 gigabytes)
4GB Micro SD Card for Mini Camera (4 gigabytes)
8GB Micro SD Card for Mini Camera  (8 gigabytes)
16GB Micro SD Card for Mini Camera  (16 gigabytes)
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2GB Hi-Res Informer Security Camera
4GB Hi-Res Informer Security Camera
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Our Price: $52.00
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Our Price: $65.00
Optional Wall Outlet Charger
Our Price: $5.00
The USB Wall Charger is an excellent accessory, because it allows you to charge your security camera system from any wall outlet without using your computer's USB port. Image of charger not available.
We give you 4 different
memory sizes to fit any budget;
no one else does that!
Compare at: $139.99
Our Price: $79.00
8GB Hi-Res Informer Security Camera
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Compare at: $139.99
Our Price: $99.00
16GB Hi-Res Informer Security Camera
> Actual video of our breakroom fish tank from our Hi-Resolution Stick Security Camera.

Fits in your pocket and easy to hide in small objects.

Look at the incredible color quality!

> Play full screen, this stick camera can do it!
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