Employee problems, theft or shoplifting?  Find solutions to retail problems. Fast set-up, easily affordable, see your live video from around the world! Record meetings of all kinds and events that you want to remember. Our security cameras blend into any environment for ultimate effectiveness. Your home deserves the absolute best internet camera on the market today! Your iPhone or Smartphone? Know how your children or employees are using it. Watch your home from work - Watch your work from home - Too easy! Alarm clock = Only $95...   Catching your child's bad habits = Priceless! Our security cameras are easy to hide. Never do a thief a favor.

Affordable - Easy to Use - Security and Surveillance Cameras

Shop our trusted and large selection of hidden security and surveillance cameras.
Easy set-up, high quality video cameras for home or business use. Discreet shipping!

Motion Activated - Self-Recording - Spy Camera - Button Camera - Screw Camera - Pinhole Camera - Body Worn - Hidden Spy and Security Cameras
Do It Yourself - Spy Camera DVR Kit - Be a Spy at Spy-Tronix!
Security Equipment - Security Installation - Security Cameras - Spy Gadgets.
Security Equipment - Security Installation - Security Cameras - Spy Gadgets.
Bodyworn Spy Camera Kit
Sport Wrist Watch Spy Camera
Wall Outlet Pro Spy Camera
Sony Clock Radio Pro Spy Camera
Air Freshener Pro Spy Camera
Exit Sign Pro Hidden Camera
Boom Box Radio Pro Spy Camera
Bluetooth Earpiece Spy Camera
Wall Clock Pro Hidden Camera
Do-It-Yourself Pro Camera Kit
Hidden Internet Security Cameras
Electric Box Long Battery Camera
Mini Recluse Covert Camera
Landscape Rock Long Battery Cam
Teddy Bear Long Battery Camera
Pinhole Long Battery Camera
Recluse Total Stealth Camera
Wall Clock Zone Shield Camera
iPod Docking Station Camera
Pro Clock Radio Hidden Camera
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Hose Reel Long Battery Life Camera
Air Freshener Long Battery Life Cam
Flower Basket Long Battery Camera
IR Side View Smoke Detector Cam
Hidden Power Adapter Camera
Motion Activated Keychain Camera
Motion Activated Snake Camera
Internet Night Vision Tower Fan Cam
Internet Infrared Clock Radio Camera
Internet iPod Docking Station Cam
Internet Indoor/Outdoor Camera
IR Internet Smoke Detector Cam
Security Equipment - Security Installation - Security Cameras - Gadgets- Official Site.
Security Equipment - Security Installation - Special Buys - Weekly Deals.
Security Equipment - Security Installation - Special Buys - Weekly Deals.
Security Equipment - Security Installation - Special Buys - Weekly Deals.
Cube Clock Spy DVR - Camera
Stealth Air Purifier Hidden Camera
Modern Wall Clock Hidden Camera
Motion Activated Flash Camera
Mini Motion Activated Camera
Spy Camera + Voice Recorder
Voice Activated Spy Camera
Sunglasses Hidden Spy Camera
Hidden Ink Pen Spy Camera
Keychain Spy Camera - Recorder
Motion Activated Desk Clock Cam
Stick Spy Camera + Audio
Deluxe Keychain Hidden Camera
Clothes Hook Hidden Camera
High Definition Car Security Camera - Night Vision
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Spy Glasses - Eyeglasses DVR
Micro Spy DVR Camera (HD)
Office Spy Calculator Camera
Mini Flash Drive Voice Recorder and Spy Camera - All in one!
Bodyworn Spy Camera Kit

Starting at: $199.00
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Hidden Power Adapter Camera

Starting at: $295.00
Motion Activated Flash Camera

Starting at: $59.00
Mini Motion Activated Camera

Starting at: $65.00
Mini Camera + Voice Recorder

Starting at: $59.00
Voice Activated Mini Camera

Starting at: $59.00
Hidden Ink Pen Camera (DVR)

Starting at: $59.00
Stick Mini Camera + Audio

Starting at: $52.00
Deluxe Keychain Hidden Camera

Starting at: $59.00
Clothes Hook Hidden Camera

Starting at: $65.00
Check out our new High Definition Car Camera (starting at just $72). It is literally the best and highest quality car camera that we've ever tested. - Spoil yourself!
• HD Day Recording
• Night vision
HD Quality Video
• Easy to set-up
• Easy to use
• Records when car battery is off
• Motion Activation
• 90 degree FOV
• Flip-Down LCD
• HDMI output
• Loads of accessories
• much more...