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For well over a decade, we've been selling our spy, security, and surveillance products to Private Investigators, Private Detectives, Fraud Investigators, and all levels of Law Enforcement agencies around the country. Likewise, our private investigator and private detective directory keeps on growing. >> If you are a private investigator or private detective that is not yet listed in our directory, then simply click here to see different advertising options available for joining our list. The process is very simple, and we can get you listed in less than 24 hours!

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Accurate Investigations
101 Kentwood Drive
Newton, MS 39345-2609
Contact: Gladys Brierley
(601) 480-3181

Services: Domestic-Fidelity-Child Custody, Surveillance : Workplace, Injury claims, Cheaters, Teens Locates: People, Property Background Investigations: Pre-employment, Marital, Sensitive Situations Skip Tracing: Judgement Collections, Debtors, Dead Beat Parents Courier Services: Law Firms, Businesses, private Court Record Retrieval Services Online Research: Teens, Spouse, Workplace, Church Computer security enhancement & computer forensics [data recovery] Executive protection: Corporate, private, high profile Recovery & Extraction: Teens, Elderly, US Citizens, missing & abducted children Counter Surveillance: Bug Sweeps -auto-home-office Mystery Shopping: Integrity Checks, Service Quality, and Customer Relations Process Service.

McCawley Adjusting Services
PO Box 180252
Jackson, MS 39218
Contact: David McCawley
(601) 936-7764

Services: Insurance, legal and private investigations, and adjustments.
Greenville Asset Search and DiscoveryBeacon Investigative Solutions provides professional asset search and asset discovery investigations for people and businesses in Greenville, Mississippi. We have many years of experience identifying somewhat hard to find assets of individuals and businesses for those that need to know this information.

Greenville Missing Person Investigations – Beacon has many former FBI Special Agents that are very skilled at finding missing persons whether they are in Greenville or somewhere else across the country. When you need to find someone, experience is key, and Beacon Investigative Solutions provides tremendous experience and has a proven history of success in missing person investigations.
The Nosey P.I.: Mr. Ivey worked as a 'Bounty Hunter' from 1975-1980 During that time he worked on cases with such notable agencies as the U.S.Secret Service, the F.B.I., the T.B.I., the Las Vegas S.W.A.T. team, the Shelby County Fugitive Squad, and the A.T.F., Mr. Ivey has also worked side by side with many local law enforcement officers across the Nation.

Mr. Ivey began his career as a Bounty Hunter in 1975 and progressed into private investigations about a year later. Mr. Ivey was grandfathered in as a Private Investigator when the State Of Tennessee changed many of the licensing requirements several years ago. He gave up his Tennessee License 1997 after being diagnosed with cancer. He is currently licensed in Mississippi.
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