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Why in the world would I want to write "expert articles" for my private investigative agency when they will be featured on a different website? It doesn't really make sense to me. Well, writing articles for your website exposure has become very popular over the last two or three years. The Internet is literally exploding with article websites that allow you to link back to your website in an effort to strengthen your website's search rankings on Google - or other popular search engines.

Once again, most people know that Google loves links back to your site, because they view them as a "popularity vote" from one site to another. By writing articles about your business and having them seen on, you can not only get up to three links back to your website per article - but it is a great chance to show and tell the potential clients what your investigative agency can do for them.
Investigators: This is a quick sample of what your article page will look like on our site. The only other part of the page will be your business contact details - as shown below. We used Anthony Sacco and his investigative agency in Wyoming as our example. Also - The PI advertising banner above will not be shown.

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For instance, you can build trust in readers by telling them about what to expect when they become your client. Most people have never had a reason to use a private investigator before, but many of our customers ask us if we provide that kind of service. This is what started our "private investigator and detective advertising" - and it's been a really great feature to our site.

You can also tell a reader how carefully you or your investigators will handle their case. Let them know that you'll keep everything confidential and that your agency has what it takes to get the job done right the first time. Tell them that this will be clearly evident the moment they walk into your establishment because of the positive ethics, morals and workmanship they will undoubtedly experience by using your services. Go ahead and brag a little bit and tell them how you got started in the investigative field, tell them why you're better than the average detective agency, and anything else that will make them want to become your client.
After you're done talking about your agency, you can also tell them about previous types of investigative cases you've handled, tell them about your credentials, your license, and about what states you're authorized to work in. Don't let distance be the obstacle between you, let them know that you can handle the job from clear across the country with great ease - due to faxes, email, Skype, and other types of Internet tools and communication methods.

Well, if you've read this far, then you've read about what we're expecting for submitted articles to We make the process painfully easy for you, and the better and more unique your article is - the more apt Google or other search engines are to rank it higher in their search engine rankings. This brief article took about 15 minutes to write, it has three backlinks to other pages on our site, it is just under the 515 word mark, and it is sure to be indexed in Google for "Private Investigator Expert Article" searches in the very near future.

Joe Investigator
Contact Information:

Mutual Investigative Services

2812 Foothills Rd.
Cheyenne, WY 82009-4538

Phone: (307) 638-9338 / Fax: (307) 638-9338



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