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Always affordable - wide selection - limited monitoring for children or employees.

Extremely easy to operate: We've installed a three-directional switch that either moves UP, DOWN, or press IN towards the pen. You will only see the LED lights when turning the pen recorder ON, when playing your mp3 songs or your recorded files - but once you begin to RECORD > the RED LED light will flash 2 or 3 times to let you know it is starting....and then THE LIGHTS GO OUT COMPLETELY. This is a private investigator's favorite tool >>> There is only one button, there are no outer letter markings, and you only see lights when you need them - NOT while recording.

Voice Recording: Our Elite Digital Voice Recording Pen comes with a built in microphone and MP3 Player. They have built-in dependable flash memory drive storage to suit your individual needs. Never miss the details of an important conversation again; record the meeting and type up the transcripts later! Now there's no question as to what was said!

In general, this pen recorder will pick up slightly less than the human ear can hear - due to normal ambient background noise such as air conditioners, other people, etc. When the background noise is low, it can record sound up to 15 to 20 feet away with great clarity. Your recordings can be listened to directly from the pen or uploaded and stored on your PC for playback. Simply clip it on your collar, your pocket, your duffel bag, etc...and you're ready to record on the go!

No software installation: No messy cables. No batteries. One button operation for high quality voice recording. Because it looks like an ordinary Ink Pen, nobody will ever suspect that you are recording the conversation. When you finish, connect the ink pen recorder to your computer to instantly listen to what's been recorded. Use it to record meetings, press conferences, conversations with employees, lectures, friends and more - all with maximum ease and convenience. The normal and covert recording applications are literally endless with this one-of-a-kind voice recorder.

Battery charging: Built-in lithium rechargeable battery lasts up to 8-10 hours on full charging time of only 2-3 hours! (charges via PC USB port) - Or, charge your pen on the go with our special power adapter - sold separately above. Never charge more than 3 hours to avoid damage to the lithium battery. A full battery drain is not required prior to recharging.

>> Plug and Play for Windows 98 or higher, MAC OS 9.2 or higher. // Includes User's Manual, ear phones, a USB docking cable, and standard gift box packaging are included with your purchase. * For best sound quality, use the included headphones with the pen recorder when listening to your recorded files - it does not have a built-in speaker. If you use your computer to playback your files, then also use a standard pair of ear phones through your PC. We are not responsible for sound quality when it is played back through standard computer speakers or speakers built into your monitor - as most people understand that the sound can vary greatly with those kinds of secondary speakers.

Dimensions: 6 inches long and 0.5 inch in diameter

MP3 Music Playing: Download your favorite MP3 Files directly from your PC using the Built in USB connector - just drag and drop - then listen to your favorite music! Extremely convenient - itís always with you. Top-notch sound quality!

USB Mass Storage: Carry your most important files with you. It has a built in USB plug that connects directly to your PC. You just plug it into the USB port and it appears as a removable drive. There is no other device to carry. You can drop and drag your files just like you do on your computer. All your recordings can be saved to your computer, filed as you like, and even played back there. Listen as you type! Not only that, but you can store all of your typical PC files on your Pen: Word documents, Excel files, image files, etc. You will always have your work and your favorite music with you.

Functional Ink Pen: This is actually a quality made Classic Ink Pen. It has a comfortable smooth barrel grip for easy use. Attractive metal casing, and quality made! If you plan on writing a lot with it, then you should get the ink pen refills shown higher on this page.

The Perfect Gift: This High-Tech Gadget is perfect for personal and professional use!

  • Gain hard evidence! It's hard to dispute an audio recording when you're caught red-handed.
  • Record interviews and employee counseling sessions so you have a record of what exactly was said or discussed.
  • Always be ready for candid audio recordings with emloyees to end disputes about who said what.
  • No more messy "tape recorders" that take a suitcase to carry around. This is one of the smallest voice activated recorders in the world!
  • Easy one-button operation lets you record in seconds / long 15 hour battery life lets you record for nearly a full day!
  • Easy to carry, small, compact and easy to hide.
  • Put it in your pocket and know that it's always there when you need it. Surely, there's been more than a few occasions where you've wished you had a voice recorder close by but didn't have one. Get the peace of mind you deserve and never miss important conversations again!
Parental and Employee Monitoring - Voice Recorder
  • Record Business Meetings
  • Journalists Recording Interviews
  • Perfect For Students At Lectures
  • On-The-Go Covert Recording
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Wall Outlet Charger
Our Price: $5.00
The USB Wall Charger is an excellent accessory because it allows you to charge your Elite Ink Pen Voice Recorder from any wall outlet without using your computer's USB port. Image of charger not available.
Our Price: $6.00
Need refills for your ink pen recorder? Get two (2) refills for your pen today.
Elite Ink Pen Recorder - Ink Refills
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4GB stores approx. 800 songs or 280 hours of recordings.
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