Wireless Internet Hidden Covert Motion Activated Spy Cameras

Fully Motion Activated Covert Internet Spy Video Cameras

Hidden Internet cameras - See what's going on at your home or office
even while you're away! See your remote video from any Internet connection!

Wireless Internet Hidden Covert Motion Activated Spy Cameras
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Hidden Internet Wireless Spy Video Cameras for Home or Business Surveillance and Loss Prevention
The spy cameras on this page are top of the line in the security market today and they quickly pay for themselves the moment you capture the video results you've been trying to get! No one beats our low prices on these Internet or PC Hidden Security Video Cameras! Our well-known SleuthGear built-in covert line of video products just got better. Now with ALL-DIGITAL transmissions, wireless interference has become a thing of the past! In addition to providing a crystal-clear image, our built-in covert video products also feature an encrypted transmission, so that no one can pick up your video feed.

These Security and Spy Cameras allow you to
stream your wireless signal over the Internet, so you can remotely view your video anywhere in the world! These spy cameras send a digital transmission (not analog) so it won't be affected by a wireless lan or other wireless devices in it's receiving or sending area.

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We've made home and business security extremely easy and affordable for you!

With these cameras, you can see your hidden video while you're away from your home or office.

Take the camera out of the box, install the software onto your computer and program the camera to record how you need for your given situation.

Once power is applied to the camera, it sends the video (wirelessly) to your computer and through your existing internet connection.

You can record the video onto an SD card right there in your home or office - but
you can also see it from anywhere in the world with a good internet connection!

Yes, watch the video with your smartphone, iPhone, another PC or laptop, and even Tablet PCs.

You can
use up to four different cameras per system, and no one beats our low prices!

> Watch the video (right) and see for yourself why we sell our security cameras by the truckload on a weekly basis.

Over 92% of Spy-Tronix customers end up being "return customers" and purchase many times a year.

If you've ever had a package shipped to you by UPS or FEDEX, this video will give a new meaning to "the true value of hidden cameras." For the Alverson family - they're "priceless."

Read the full story here - it was featured on Time.com on December 23rd, 2012.

It's a fact, hidden security cameras
pay for themselves in value as soon as you capture the video information you need.
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