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Protect your privacy with our top selling deluxe model bug detector.
It quickly finds hidden spy cameras - even when their power is turned off!

> You've probably noticed that we do not sell many different bug detectors on our site. Now, we'll tell you why:

  • Most of the bug detectors out there on other spy or security websites are simply way "over-priced" and intended to trick a paranoid or unsuspecting shopper into a quick and expensive sale. ...But that is not our way of doing business!
  • In all honesty, our Deluxe Bug Detector is an incredible piece of professional equipment that can find and detect 98% of the spy devices on the market that can steal or invade your privacy. You don't have to worry about the other 2% of those devices unless you feel the CIA or FBI are chasing you down for one reason or another.
  • Most wireless spy cameras are in the range of 1.2GHz to 5.8GHz and this Deluxe Bug Detector can find all of them.
  • Also, it can find wireless audio devices, GPS Tracking devices, and even hidden cameras when their power is turned completely OFF. Private investigators buy this bug detector on daily basis and we never get returns for any reason.
  • So, yes, there are loads of other higher-priced bug detectors out there, but we do not carry them because (1) they either give you data you do not need, and (2) they are needlessly priced at $600 or more. Feel the power of having the privacy you deserve - everywhere you go during your busy day. Our Deluxe Bug Detector is really all you need!
All-In-One Wireless (and Wired) Camera and Audio Bug Detector: Sold heavily to all levels of law enforcement, private investigators, and for personal use for people that demand to have privacy in their lives! This model is extremely small - click on the images above for exact measurements. This deluxe bug detector detects wireless audio and video devices with frequencies between 1MHz - 6.5GHz. It even finds GPS Tracking devices that may be on your car or attached to your personal belongings.

Look through the eyepiece, RED led Laser lights flash...if there is a hidden wired or wireless spy camera (even a tiny pinhole) it will reflect light back to you so you can find the hidden camera source - even if the camera has the power turned off!

This high-tech Deluxe Bug Detector can find all hidden wireless video cameras or wireless audio recorders in its frequency range. No need to read the frequency, just look at the multi-level easy to read light scale. You can also set the detector to CLICK or VIBRATE to let you know when you're hot on the trail of a wireless device.

Then, use our easy to understand instruction sheet to have a better idea of what the detector is telling you and what kinds of objects are used to hide wireless transmitters or wired hidden cameras. Easily find a multitude of wired or wireless devices or sources that invade your privacy.

> This incredible all-in-one bug detector quickly pays for itself by giving you the peace of mind and privacy you deserve!

Quickly find wired or wireless hidden spy video cameras - even when their power is turned OFF!

Find hidden GPS tracking devices, wireless audio bugs, and protect your personal privacy! A mini spy camera can be hidden in moments and quickly spy on the places you deserve privacy. Our bug detectors can find wired and wireless spy cameras where you can't see them.

A hidden wireless spy camera can be placed just about anywhere - in your home, work, car, your friend's home or automobile, a relative's home or car, your small business, a department store changing room or restroom, a hotel room on your next vacation or business trip, the locker room, spa, pool, or tanning bed or at your local gym, anywhere you have a right to personal privacy!

Our easy to use, and affordable, mini hand held spy camera finders give you the peace of mind and privacy that you deserve - anywhere you go!

Don't pay a private investigator - save your hard earned money and do it yourself!

One more thing....In this day and age, if you can catch someone illegally spying on you, the cash you'll get from a lawsuit will more than pay for your bug detector + a new car or a house!

Top selling bug detector and hidden camera finder on the market today:
  • Rechargeable internal battery - saves future cost on batteries!
  • Detects most common wireless camera, audio, and GPS device frequencies: 1 MHz - 6.5 GHz
  • Super-Mini Pocket size - light weight and compact! Easy to hide and carry concealed.
  • Built-in speaker to output alert tone - comes with headphones for stealth!
  • Silent detection mode for complete discreet operations. Private investigators love this feature.
  • Four section light scale to show relative RF signal strength
  • Low power consumption (Up to 5 hour battery life) on a single charge
  • Includes one bug detector, easy to follow instructions, earphones, and a power adapter - with gift box packaging.
Deluxe Series Bug Detector
Compare at: $159.99
Our Price: $89.00
Stop Hidden Cameras in Locker Rooms - Changing Rooms - Doctor Offices - Spas - Beauty Salons - Tanning Beds - Protect your privacy!
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Note: If you travel often, stay in hotels, use changing rooms, locker rooms, gym facilities, tanning facilities, health spas or salons of any kind - then you can't afford to be without a personal bug detector!

It's not a matter of "if" your privacy will be compromised - but "when" it will be invaded. Our bug detectors
protect your privacy and give you peace of mind!
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